Cerebral Advisors: Imparting Astute Financial Advice

CIO Vendor As the financial goals of individuals are changing, the need for investment solutions is starting to grow more significant in ascertaining resourceful use of wealth. This increasing demand has resulted in wealth accumulators vying for astute financial advices. However, sound financial knowledge is not that easy to be found timely and utilized purposefully. Cerebral Advisors, deriving from its strategic application of knowledge builds on a strong foundation of extensive analysis, disciplined investment approach and prompt action to produce superior wealth creation solutions for clients.

The company does an extensive personal consulting while maintaining a characteristic approach in prioritizing client’s requirement, risk appetite and time horizons to suggest them with the best investment advice. Founded in June, 2011 by Tejas GV, Arun & Rajesh the firm’s tailor made management services follow a need based approach emphasizing on a long term philosophy of quality and diversification. Tejas says.

“We believe in building a lifelong relationship with our clients based on a solid foundation of trust, knowledge and excellence; which we believe will translate into wealth creation for generations.”The services provided by the company are end to end solutions catering to a diverse list of clients.Their service offerings include wealth management, financial planning, risk management, tax planning and retirement planning.
Under the Wealth Management services, Cerebral accesses the financial needs of individuals and advices on areas such as Mutual Fund investments, Debt market instruments, Insurance services, Tax/Retirement planning and Direct Equity.

Cerebral Advisors responsibility driven services helps in building a successful retirement plan focused on insuring stability and optimizing saving initiatives

In financial planning they take up the determined role of an independent financial advisor by detailing the goals and objectives one has in life and matching them with present assets and income, after factoring the expenses and liabilities that need to be paid. Also factored in are taxation and inflation.The company makes risk management an important practice in identifying and analyzing potential risks. In doing so, it explores new avenues of minimizing the risk that clients might face in the future.
Tejas says, “The key is to understand which product suits the client’s risk appetite and is required for them.” The company dedicates a great amount of financial research to zero in on the right quality product from a whole lot of options availablein the market. The company’s responsibility driven services helps in building a successful retirement plan focused on insuring stability and optimizing saving initiatives. “The end result of these services is to provide financial comfort and make sure each and every client attains their goals in a life and creates a wealth for themselves and lead a happy retired life,” adds Tejas.
Cerebral Advisors is counted among the top independent financial advisors in Bangalore today. Within four years of starting operations in the competitive financial industry, the company’s book values of assets are now crossing over 120 crores. Tejas candidly adds, “This is a challenging field to work in, with several regulatory restrictions. We want to add more happy clients into our kitty and provide them with the best products deserving of their unique requirements.” Going forward, the company intends to deliver its full proof financial management in the same vein and repeat the growth it has achieved over the years.