Mumukshu Healthcare: Redeeming the Full Potentials of ‘Peopleware’ in Healthcare

CIO Vendor The emergence of technology in Pharmaceutical industry and amongst Hospitals is the most assuring thing in the field of medical advancements. Pharmaceutical, being a people intensive industry gives high emphasis on hard skills like medical knowledge, procedures and processes. However, soft skills like communication, alignment to organization goals, team work, going beyond the call of duty, and customer centricity are often neglected. On the other hand, hospitals have their reputation hinged on two important parameters: a) Quality and technology of medical treatment and b) Behavior of support staff who provide care. While the quality of hospitals is assured by the knowledge and professional expertise of doctors and the technology used for treatments, the same cannot be said for the auxiliary staff which is often not well instructed about the service standards. Unfortunately, this leaves the customers with reminiscence of petty incidents, leading to wrong publicity and eventually distorts the repute of a good hospital. With an intention to address these stumbling blocks of the healthcare sector, Mumukshu Healthcare, a healthcare focused Consulting & Training Organization was established in 2009.

Based in Thane, Mumukshu is a highly focused Healthcare Consultancy, aiming to provide world class ideas, consulting and services in the healthcare domain. The company recognized the gaps in end-to-end delivery of healthcare and the need to focus not only on technology and hardware but also on ‘Peopleware’. “Today, the big players in technology and consulting field give advices on the hardware or infrastructure requirements but none of these address the most critical software i.e. the ‘Peopleware’ so as to make healthcare organizations profitable.
At Mumukshu, we have adopted ‘Peopleware’ approach to things which has made all the difference and we call it ‘AROP’ which stands for Advanced Resource Optimization Program,” speaks Shailesh Patil, Director and CEO, Mumukshu Healthcare.

Based in Thane, Mumukshu is a highly focused Healthcare Consultancy, aiming to provide world class ideas, consulting and services in the healthcare domain.

Catering to Industrial Needs

Through its top-notch services like Training & People Development; Process Synchronization; Improving Service Delivery & Customer Centricity to deliver better ROI, and Customer and Patient engagement initiatives, Mumukshu is redefining the way healthcare sector derives benefits from IT. “We have inducted experienced and efficient people in our team who use the clients’ existing infrastructure and architecture to get more ROI without disrupting the existing infrastructure and focusing on ‘Peopleware’ only. We aspire to focus on long term revenue generations and not cost escalation to deliver value. It is our team's expertise and 360 degree approach that makes us competitive and keeps us ahead of others in the market,” Shailesh asserts.

Striving for Brighter Future

Shailesh elaborates on the future roadmap of Mumukshu as, “We are planning to set-up an e-learning portal which will go live in June 2016. It will be a high quality skill training portal for people who want to build career in the healthcare industry. This will further expand our reach and our modules will become more accessible to many in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, we are continuously working towards being the most preferred service excellence provider and Peopleware-partner for major healthcare organizations across the country.”