Croissance Clinical Research: Accelerating the Delivery of Safe and Effective Therapeutics

CIO Vendor Indian pharmaceutical industry is the fastest growing sector of Indian economy and has developed rapidly over the years. India has proved itself in the International market and today it is ready to prove its capability and efficiency for the forum of Global Clinical trials. India is considered favorable for such an establishment because of its government funded medical and pharmaceutical institutions with high end medical facilities with scope of clinical trials. Moreover,as the land of diversity with various opportunities of clinical studies and qualified manpower, Indiahas scope for various alternate system of medicine which can be conducted with ease. Owing to these factors India is attracting extensive proposals for conducting clinical trials and many organizations have come forward to set up their Clinical Research Organization (CRO). Ideally fitting to the picture is CroissanceClinical Research, a Clinical Research Organization serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and the medical device companies. “The basic motive behind establishing Croissance was to ensure the maintenance of the ethical and the safety of each clinical trial providing accurate data in the considered budget at the promised time period”, says Satish Marukurthi, CEO, CroissanceClinical Research.

With the idea of establishing a CRO, CroissanceClinical Research initially faced challenges pertaining to winning clients’ confidence. Moreover, at that time the uncanny government regulations were proving to be of the major roadblocks to growth of clinical research in India. Higher designations of the healthcare industry found the idea of establishing a CRO as unreal thereby not putting enough heed to the concept.“We, at the beginning faced a lot of difficulty in
fetching clients and conducting clinical studies. However, soon we took a conscious decision to target the companies who are into late phase studies, observational studies and marketing studies. We approached doctors who have been sponsored by the industries for conducting their investigation initiatives. With such initiatives and proposals, gradually during the first year of our inception, we started receiving decent revenue which was the direct outcome of our hard work”, explains Satish.

Over the years, Croissance Clinical Research has heavily invested its time to understand and address their clients’ needs. “During our course of work, we realized that the companies did not have enough budgets as well as time to conduct such trials. The people concerned to these trials were not that educated about the trials and its procedure. We understood the dilemma of conducting such research in the companies and took the charge of conducting trials for them ensuring cost and time effective services,” he says.

With an excellent dedicated team Croissance Clinical Research providesits clients with an advantage of cost and punctuality. “Our clients are our soul, we strived to serve our clients by becoming an extension of their team”, he adds. The company has meticulously used its innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise to help clients and partners accelerate the delivery of safe and effective therapeutics and maximize the returns on their R&D investments.

Our clients are our soul, we strive to serve our clients by becoming an extension of their team beyond

By 2018, team Croissance Clinical Research envisions being a CRO with operations in Europe and the US. “Today we are handling multiple projects with good turnover. We are working with multinationals like Abbott, Novo Nordisk, Sun Pharma, Sanofi, Bayer, Merck, Cipla, Biological E., Indian Immunologicals and Bharat Biotech. We have our partners in Asia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Moreover with plans of setting up a CRO in the US, we are aiming to flourish globally”, concludes Satish.