Invest Advise: Flourishing Through Knowledge, Professionalism, Transparency and Ethics

CIO Vendor Of late there has been a rapid change in how wealth management is perceived from the outside; the sense of untrustworthiness and immaturity, which pervaded through this vital vertical of management has passed long by and there is a significant difference in the way the market space is captured by wealth management companies. Althoughnot all barriers have been broken, but the spark of openness in the way start-ups and other financial institutionscan look forward to enter the market and shape it, is encouragingand definitely leading towards a positive future.

Established in 2012, Invest Advise is one of the new-age companies to realize the huge potential and opportunity in the wealth management sector. Sachin Gupta, Founder and CEO, Invest Advise speaking on what lead him to incept Invest Advise said, “While working withvarious leading MNC financial institutions,we used to give recommendations to our clients about portfolio investments.We used to design a portfolio, where the revenue for the financial institution is higher, not taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the clients. So I thought, why we can’t start giving unbiased recommendations forclients portfolio based on their requirements and where client actually wants to invest as per their risk appetite.”The company started with a dream to createa differentiation in the industry, where it would create a place for itself, purely on the basis of knowledge, professionalism, transparency and ethics.

The company has held true to its identity so far and has strived to address the challenges put forward by the industry.

Invest Advise is one of the new-age companies to realize the huge potential and opportunity in the wealth management sector

Biased approach, lack of after sale support, lack of product knowledge they were investing in, miscalculation of risk appetite, in addition to taxation and repatriation for the NRIs, were some of the major issues faced by the clients. Alongside these, Invest Advise had its own obstacles to conquer; creating an identity of their own in an emerging market and controlling the rising operational costs in the NRI market. These challenges were addressed by starting out with a small client base and gradually growing it by participating in road shows, exhibitions, investor meets catering to a larger audience.

For a company that stands out from the pack, it delivers a flurry of services unique and beneficial to the clients adding on with its ever growing reputation. The company lays a high regard for its NRI clients and resultantly so offers ‘Lifetime Service Assurance’. Within a short span Company also gotits ISO 9001:2008 certification. Invest Advisein variation to these, offers robust financial planning for individuals and families - assessing their risk appetites and advise investments, real estate services, loans & mortgages, & advisory. More importantly wealth management as a whole with its 3 critical areas - Growth, Preservation and Transmission of wealth. Sachin Guptaalso won the ‘Young Achiever Award’ in 2015. He strongly believes in maintaining client relationships at a personal level and assesses, regular product and market updates.

Invest Advise has endeavored to confront clients’ problems and has been immensely successful with its holistic approach towards it. The firm which already has a 550 crore worth Portfolio asset management under its belt has plans of establishing six offices in Toronto, Singapore, Melbourne and the Middle-East(3), with one year. Company aspireson being more technology driven, strengthening reach in Europe and Africa and have presence in more than 35 countries by 2017.