Cyclo Investments: Standing Tall on the Foundations of Trust and Industry Knowledge

CIO Vendor Volatility in financial markets along with economic slowdown and ever changing government norms makes it difficult for a layman to invest his hard earned money efficiently. “When the funds are monitored well in the right direction it assures to achieve the financial goals. Most business owners are so busy running their businesses that they do not have time and knowledge to manage their personal finances,” says Salil Kothari, Founder and CEO of ‘Cyclo Investments’. This young MBA graduate from Mumbai University also qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) & a Chartered Wealth Manger (CWMTM) realized the need to invest hours of time and build expertise into the wealth sector; which paved the inception of Cyclo Investments in the year 2007. The firm offers well tailored financial services and products under one roof.

Unlike banks and other investment advisories, Cyclo Investments meets the investment objectives by recognizing the investor’s financial circumstances and understanding the market challenges. “While interacting with prospective HNI’s clients and corporate, I realized that they were not satisfied with the relationship manager (RM) of a bank or broking house because they kept changing frequently and in the due course, the then recommended investor’s portfolio kept changing and the direction to their financial targets was lost,” expounds Salil kothari.

The firm believes in building a lifelong relationship with their clients based on a solid foundation of trust, honest advice, transparency, knowledge and excellence in service.

Cyclo Investments believes in building a lifelong relationship with their clients based on a solid foundation of trust, honest advice, transparency, knowledge and excellence in service

Cyclo Investments caters to HNIs, NRIs and Corporate to offer a comprehensive view of their portfolio. The firm deals into all kinds of asset class through mutual funds.The firm also has portfolio management services in equity stocks, private equity, real estate, alternate investment funds and offshore investments. “Our services rendered to clients are on the basis of continuous market research, up-dated details about new products, government policies and reforms. A well-balanced portfolio is designed by addressing the need for asset allocation, diversification, risk exposure, tax efficiency and liquidity,” he explains. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Kothari, the company dedicates a great amount of financial research to zero down on the right quality product from various options available in the market.

Over the years, Cyclo Investments has not only earned a strong goodwill among its clients but has also come a long way in terms of asset under management. Although, from a modest startup, today, this Mumbai headquartered company has spread its wings beyond national boundaries serving clients across the globe. The firm is all set to build system driven process that will help them serve their clients better. The firm is also inclined to join hands with chartered accountants, lawyers, estate planners to fulfill their clients requirements. Apart from this, Cyclo Investments is also focused on starting a division where their clients can align with the company for their philanthropic activities and in this way they can give back to the society at large. “Financial advisory business grows majorly on two things, one being trust and other being knowledge. With these two pillars of strength, we’d like to continue creating wealth for our investors and help them achieve their financial goals,” Salil kothari sings off.