Blue Sky Management Consultants: Delighting Customers through Unbiased Wealth Management Advisory Solutions

CIO Vendor Most organizations claim to have laid their foundation on the pledge of unbiased solutions and customer centricity but not all of them are able to hold on to it forever. The ones who are able to do it go a long way. Similar is the saga of Blue Sky Management Consultants, a Kolkata based wealth management and consulting firm, which considers time, trust, integrity and unbiased advice as the basic pillars for building up the business.Blue Sky is the brain child of Joy Kar, a veteran in the wealth management space whose vision was to provide the same level of advice, services and support to the high end retail segment, which isassured by the foreign banks.Thus, after an eventful journey of over two decades in the banking and wealth management space, he founded Blue Skyto offer comprehensive wealth management and consulting solutions for the NGOs. Joy explains, “For me, it was seeding the company, giving birth to it and ensuring that the basic values are not played around with so that the unbiased advice part of it remains completely incontrovertible.”

The organization was founded to offer “Unbiased Advice” to investors and international foundationsseeking support in wealth management and social development projects. The company offers apt solutions for investment distribution and investment advisory. It also helps its clients choose the right kind of funds to invest in. “The right to choose from different alternatives is what Blue Sky offers. Our company’s tag line Unbiased, Alternatives, Solutions and More defines our vision and we want to keep that as the central theme going forward,” details Joy.

Blue Sky Management brings the right kind of advice for its clients to help them manage their investments and further ensure improved ROI

The company brings the right kind of advice for its clients to help them manage their investmentsin the right asset class to optimise the ROI. Their clients have access to anonline platform, which allows viewing all investments, in one snapshot.It also updates clients about the status of their investments, reminders for insurance premium payment, maturity dates of fixed deposits etc. They release a monthly list of top ranking Mutual Funds based on their In-house research.

Blue Sky continuously works towards delivering exceptional customer experiences. Thus, ensures to adopt an unbiased approach which is often missed out by most of the advisors providing private wealth consulting solutions. Over the years, the company has developed a niche market for its servicesby building truthful relationships with its clients.During all these years, the organization has overcome numerous challenges such as understanding the regulatory requirements, deliveringa balanced level of service to its clientele, choosing the right technology and conducting research for choosing the appropriate products.In order to attain continuous growth, the company has always been upgrading in terms of knowledge, brushing up the internal skills or networking in various kinds of industries.

Blue Sky seeks to keep the professional nature of the company intact and sustain ethical values and unbiased approach. “We want to stay a step ahead of our competition. And, not by the amount of the money that we manage but in terms of unbiased advise,” adds Joy. Besides, in the future, the company plans to focus on compliance and regulatory environment to deliver enhanced advisory support tothe non profit organizations.