ATS Wealth Managers: A Transparent Approach to Wealth Management

CIO Vendor Strategic financial decisions are the elixir for a business. Proper nourishment of wealth not only allows businesses to elevate their scale of profit earning but also motivate other crucial aspects necessary for its growth. Money, which is considered as one of the essential facets of wealth, plays a critical role here and optimising that money in the right manner is always a challenging task for companies across the globe. The wealth management sector has thus emerged at a fast pace and has witnessed a steady growth during the last two decades. Venturing as a new player in this wealth management industry, ATS Wealth Managers has been into the brokerage market since 2003. The company is presently led by Vikas Jain, Managing Director and has acquired its wealth management certificate just nine months back. “We are looking forward to a steady growth in asset and wealth management market and confident enough to carve a name for ourselves,” says Vikas.

Fighting Against Odds to Emerge Victorious

Armed with a workforce of more than three hundred employees, ATS is presently headquartered in Chennai and has branches in Bangalore and Cochin. The company started with a commitment towards commodity and equity broking and later stepped into the wealth management segment. “We had a humble beginning. Our initial investment was twenty lacks rupees and we engaged a team of three executives, each taking care of marketing, finance and trading respectively. We primarily started with commodity market in 2004 and grew with the industry when several business houses chose to leave the market then since it was growing tougher day by day,” Vikas proudly narrates the organization’s initial journey.

Struggling with various ups and downs that the industry pitched its way, ATS has managed to bag a huge number of clients within a short span of time. Providing the best required solutions in terms of Equities & Derivatives, Commodities, Depository, Institutional Services, NRI Services, Investment Advisory, Insurance, PMS and SIP, ATS has turned into a tough contender in the realm of brokerage business. While talking about their products and services, Vikas says, “Most of our services are allied, be it from broking, advisory, mutual funds insurance and so on. All of these complement each other.”
Maintaining Transparency

Transparency is a significant facet for brokerage business and having been in this space for more than a decade now, ATS is well aware of the pros and cons related to the market. It has dealt with several roadblocks that its clients face during the long run. Companies often make direct investment and end up losing that quickly due to lack of expertise. “We never deny smart traders who tend to make money with every ups and downs of the market. We keep our clients informed with the market details and help them take decisions accordingly. With this objective our research team works on all our clients who call to get view on company/industry/in general market,” explains Vikas.

While working on several wealth management avenues, ATS provide end to end solution to its customers on various avenues of investment

While working on several wealth management avenues, ATS provides end to end solution to its customers on various avenues of investment. Wealth management companies generally advise clients about investments and ATS, being a major player in the space, does not believe in churning of portfolio just to generate volume but follows long term approaches. ATS does not opt for churning until something fundamental has gone wrong with a company and has irreparable losses in business. Investing in a stock is similar to investing in a business and no business free from ups and down. “We are a fairly conservative company with traditional approach of investing, we do not believe money can make a difference for having better software that giving with better technical signals nor do we believe in timing the market,” he adds.

With an experience of more than two decades and with memberships across exchanges and other investment solutions, ATS today is well poised to offer solutions across asset classes to its customers. Most of the consultants in this space are plagued by the higher operational costs year after year and earn from their client’s money whereas ATS earns its main revenue through profit sharing where it makes money only when the client does. This defines their commitment towards the job they deliver.

The company has also pegged the cost of running a fund to benefit its clients. In its grow with India fund it has limited the operational cost to 2 percent which mainly goes towards brokerages and other statutory charges. With a motive to sustain in the long run, ATS only focuses on its client’s success and efficiently maintains its work methodology and process management for business growth. “We make money only when our clients make money; this is the basic underlying principle of our business that is how our wealth management schemes operate,” concludes Vikas.