Veloces Consulting: Transforming the Traditional Education Space through appropriate Tech Consultations

CIO Vendor Even before young minds start innovating; it is essential for schools to have a strong technology consultation. Technology tools are often purchased and abandoned in classrooms, not because they aren’t helpful for students, but because faculties using it do not have the time to troubleshoot software or set up peripherals. If a tool does not work the first time, faculty give up on the tools, and label it as unworthy of any trouble to be taken to fix it. Constant evolution of technology in the fast changing tech industry necessitates frequent, easily accessible, and reliable web-enabled knowledge upgrades and education. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Veloces Consulting Services, provides business, technology and management solutions in close contact with the education industry precisely.

Veloces has been catering the education institution in three different areas-technological implementations, UNESCO level standards implementations and working out IT competitions at a worldwide level. The IT competitions help the students to connect and showcase their talent and skills on a world stage which further fuels their quest for technology.

Change is inevitable, yet, is resisted the most. Veloces too faced challenges while introducing technology in the education realm to effectively transform education for the generations to come in the next 5 years. “We had to overcome all these hurdles by lot of evangelization activities, creating proof of concepts and models by working very closely with education institutions and creating success stories, which then became a change formula,” says Shankaran Chettur, MD.
Along with assistance to educational institutions for leveraging technology solutions, Veloces also provides VAS like- Sports and entrepreneurial developments which allow the educational institutions to focus exclusively on their core function, which is, academics alone.

The Veloces team also conducts custom technology training, based on one’s target audience, learning objectives, and expected learning outcomes. Veloces’ instructors come with International Certifications of the technology handled, real-world training, consulting, development and deployment experience. The trainings are tailor-made to synchronize with the organization's domain-specific learning and development goals.

As a consulting service provider Veloces works with clients from the ground level of an issue rather than focusing on the symptoms first

Within a span of one year since Veloces’ inception, the company came out successful in launching a world championship tournament for the K12 students in the space of design and basic office skills. In that same year, Veloces was also bestowed with International Quality Crown award (London) - an award to recognize the prestige of the outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen in the business world.

As a consulting service provider Veloces works with clients from the ground level of an issue rather than focusing on the symptoms first. With that in mind, Veloces will continue to tighten its grip on the Indian Market, and move towards becoming a one stop service & consulting provider to emerge in India in the education space.