KS Airsoft: Mitigating Billing Process Bottlenecks in Telecom through Business Analytics

CIO Vendor As the telecom industry explores to improve the customer experience in all aspects of its business, the billing process is finally getting the attention it has long needed. Many operators continue to struggle with billing systems that were developed a decade or more ago and have since been remodelled into make shift solutions that are heavily siloed. Also they are expensive to operate which cannot cope with increasing product & pricing complexity or the need to bring new products & pricing strategies to market quickly. The audit function is focused on providing core assurance around business process risks and controls. But, with increasing market volatility and complexity, audit is being asked to deliver deeper insights and value beyond assurance, particularly in the areas of strategy execution, emerging risk, and increased use of analytics. Delivering on these new and hiked expectations, presents many challenges for audit departments today. Headquartered in New Delhi, NCR, KS Airsoft offers products & services to audit telecom expenditure which enables a unified and enterprise-wide effort to gain control over telecom expenditure. Providing Business Intelligence tools, Airsoft strives to fill the gap between carriers and corporate world by analyzing and stimulating their profits. “We manage telecom infrastructure, employee requests, carrier invoices, refunds due and other activities in an organized fashion, thereby bringing operational efficiency and complete cost visibility through automation”, asserts K.S.Gill, CEO, Airsoft.

Moreover, Airsoft facilitates billing verification process to examine billing errors as well as initiate recovery proceedings from TSP’s. With the help of its robust interactive analytics, the company makes comparison of the financial out flow of current pricing plans with the other pricing plans that are available in order to optimize revenue assurance. Furthermore, Cost Avoidance is an aspect of optimization propounded by Airsoft that reduces or eliminates the costs of unnecessary features/identifying zero use and eliminates them from the inventory. The program ensures that the customer pays for necessary services, features & options required for the optimum operation of corporate telecommunications goals. Additionally, the organization delivers inventory management solution which empowers the providers to accurately track, manage and report on all fixed and mobile telecom assets and services. The solution provides insightful data which assists in controlling costs, manage the infrastructure as well as aids in
mitigating the risks associated with mobility.
Telecom Inventory Services addressed through dashboards
Similarly, to cater the need for accurate & illustrative inventory which enables viewing of bill amounts and detailed information from multiple dimensions, Airsoft creates robust & feature-rich telecom inventory services. Company’s reporting solution provides dashboards which give information that supports policy governance management, outsourcing activities and control expense in real time. The lifecycle management solution by Airsoft emphasizes on reducing the TCO of the telecom providers. Moreover, company’s Accounts Payable solution prepares electronic ECF eliminating the labour for manual re-enter of invoice information and integrates the ECF with the A/P or financial system. The A/P Integration further ensures accuracy in bill data transfer to eliminate expensive mistakes

The MACD activity is tracked by the Airsoft platform that enables update notifications while managing the movement of voice or data lines from one location to another

Along the same lines, the inventory can be managed based on MACD (Move Add Changes Disconnect) activity tracked by the Airsoft platform that enables update notifications. The solution manages the movement of voice or data lines from one location to another, follows up the order and at the same time ensures that the order is completed by the carrier accurately on time. MACD management oversees the addition of services to existing voice and data lines such as incremental IP addresses to a data circuit, additional features to voice lines, or even additional lines to an existing hunt group effortlessly. “We generate payment vouchers which charges back to the particular cost centre/department within the company where NEFT/cheque is generated and the statement of account from department is sent to the service provider”, adds Sonia Manchanda, Chief of Operations, Airsoft.

Recognised as “Innovative Telecom Consumer Billing Advisory" by CMAI 6 National Telecom Award, Airsoft ventures to address customer engagement challenges and to offer flexible products & services. The company intends to bring back over charged money by lowering ongoing costs, improve productivity and save time for our customers by understanding the complexities of telecom expenditure. Focusing on partnership with the marketing channel partners in India, Airsoft works to scale up availability and meet large enterprise market requirements. The organization works on the possible pitfalls of billing verification and international roaming with calling cards to render faster and more efficient services. By leveraging the customer support regulation, Airsoft resolves to evolve as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in India in the near future while driving new revenue into businesses.