WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building: From Designing Customised Solutions for Healthcare Companies to Helping Action Them

CIO Vendor Traditionally Consultants are known to diagnose problems and give solutions but WhiteSpace takes it a step further in helping implement the solution. Having been in this industry since 2012, WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building has been helping the pharmaceutical sector traverse through the rough terrains of today’s competitive business world.
Vikram A Munshi leveraged his 15 years of experience in the corporate world to establish the company. “I had seen enough of consultants and trainers and the limited impact they had in actually changing behaviours and driving transformation. WhiteSpace is my answer to ambitious companies/teams/individuals who need help in driving transformation,” says Vikram.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the organisation is focused on Healthcare /Pharmaceutical industry in order to ensure that knowledge gets transformed into skills which then get transformed into behaviour.“We club our services under four verticals of excellence, namely strategy excellence, marketing excellence, sales force excellence and leadership excellence,” he confirms. The company first understands the root cause of the problem faced by theclients and then crafts out its strategy. Every solution offered by WhiteSpace is customised, there is no ‘copy paste’. What makes WhiteSpace different is that it works with the client to help implement the solution.

WhiteSpace’s interventions in Marketing Excellence include Brand Strategy, New Product Launch, Product Life Cycle Management, Resource Allocation, and Brand Performance KPIs. In Sales Force Excellence WhiteSpace offers solutions for Maximising Sales Force Productivity, Sales Force Right Sizing,

WhiteSpace are consultants in terms of designing a solution but when it comes to putting the thinking to action they become a demanding Team / Leadership Coach with an 'un'consultant approach

Sales Force Targeting and Incentivisation Strategy. Most companies prefer to work with big consultants to endorse their senior leadership strategies or to ‘de risk’ their decision. Thus, for WhiteSpace it was a tough task to convince prospects of what it could offer during its initial days. But Vikram’s experience and hard work helped the company flourish within a short span of time. It started serving only one client at the beginning;worked on it for two years and helped it to grow as a key player in its respective domain.The relationship continues even today. “It is very easy to serve a big company and say we have worked for it. But the credibility lies in serving a small company and helping it to transform. The satisfaction gained from this is immense. These relationships then transcend the traditional vendor-client to actually being partners,”explains Vikram. However, WhiteSpace does not operate on mass solutions to bring economies of scale. It believes that every company,every team and every individual has a degree of difference which must be addressed in designing a solution. As Vikram puts it using an analogy from the health care scenario, “We want to be the specialists / super specialists (doctors) whom one consults when there is a critical condition which cannot be treated by a mass (General Practioner) approach”

The enterprise is efficiently backed by ambitious leadership that has helped WhiteSpace make a mark in the industry.Strengthening the pharmaceutical industry with apposite support,the company has provided key marketing excellence assignments to some of India’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. It has also worked on ‘whitespace’ assignments for entrepreneurs which have tremendous promise in changing the Indian healthcare scenario. In addition to these, it is still working to progress and leveraging its expertise for clients not only in India but other major healthcare markets of Asia.