Un-3 Consulting: Harboring Innovation in the Marketing and Branding Arena

CIO Vendor An effective business promotion needs guidance, not guesswork. Today, many businesses are finding it hard to adapt their marketing strategies to the altering economic climate. However, most organizations are keen on connecting with their customers and promoting their products and services more effectively. Established in 2014, Un-3 Consulting is one such firm that helps organizations to grow and achieve their business objectives by offering strategic business and marketing consultation. Today, under the shade of Balasubramanian Ramanathan and Ankur Nagar, co-founders of Un-3, the organization helps businesses to step ahead and envision exciting possibilities and then pursue their marketing and branding traits.
Deep understanding of the marketing and branding, coupled with passion to deliver value-based, cost-effective solutions to the clients is what makes this Mumbai based firm the game changer in the arena. Talking about the inception Balasubramanian explains, “We realize that most challenges faced in business success can be attributed to very simple and straight forward attributes; which is availability and salience. E-commerce is quite at some distance in solving these problems for conventional FMCG. We are in the process of challenging the stakeholders precisely in relevant areas as well as prioritizing their portfolio”.

With a combined experience of more than 40 years in the domain of marketing, market research, data interpretation and actionable insights; both the founders of Un-3 bring in the passion of creating winning strategies and executing them. “We provide customized solutions to business issues in the area of consumer insights and branding; rather than offering readymade solutions.
Unique to the industry, we offer an outsourcing model wherein we come as insight partners for accelerating our client’s business growth plans, identifying and evaluating new business opportunities, marketing strategy development, pricing and distribution issues, stakeholder management,” says Ankur.

The well tailored solutions provided by Un-3 ensure that organizations receive the right advice and marketing strategy to achieve their branding goals.

Thus, the well tailored solutions provided by Un-3 ensure that organizations receive the right advice and marketing strategy to achieve their branding goals. Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques and technologies, the firm brings to clients a sophisticated marketing platform that powers processes.

Frequently hiring a consumer insight person doesn’t work out to be viable for an organization. However, in the absence of a dedicated consumer insight person in the organization; the marketing head needs to wear multiple hats. This is where Un-3 fit in the role wherein businesses can outsource the whole consumer insights function and with the regular engagement, guide the organization on the best possible path. “People and their vast experience and knowledge together with personal fronting is what keeps us ahead of others. In the space of business insights and strategy, we bring in the outside-in perspective, along with a variety of experience and we offer a depth and width to the function which is seldom available to organizations internally,” explains Balasubramanian.

While others eyes monetary gains, Un-3 consulting believes in working with the clients and assisting them beyond. Further, the firm is all geared up to venture specifically into the branding and marketing sector being client specific. “We are planning to handle not more than 6-10 clients in the next three years. We believe that our business model is more suited to working closely with strategic decision makers, which restricts the number of clients to selective few with significant clarity in their marketing and business,” Ankur concludes.