MQuadrant: Redesigning Business for Growth, Profitability and Efficiency

CIO Vendor Complex and highly specialized structures within organizations lead to lack of generalists who can bring leading practices and frameworks from a wide range of industries and disciplines to solve complex business problems. Further, strategy implementation, change management, and governance on large transformational projects becomes a challenge. To address this, Krupal Parchure founded MQuadrant by leveraging the golden nuggets that he picked during his consulting career in the United States, which was further backed by a master’s degree in engineering management and an executive education from the Harvard Business School. MQuadrant partners with organizations to redesign their business for operational, commercial and transformational excellence. This includes helping out clients in areas such as operations & supply chain, analytics, innovation management, and project management& governance. MQuadrant’s goal is to help organizations implement strategies and manage complex transformational issues during and after execution.Post implementation, Krupal also helps clients sustain a governance structure and mechanism to measure, monitor, and manage expected results from large transformational programs.

While working for leading management consulting organizations in the U.S., Krupal Parchure realized that the saturated management consulting industry desperately needs to innovate. “I realized that this innovation can be brought about not just by offering new services, but also by redesigning the way services are delivered and client expectations managed as per those offerings,” says Krupal Parchure. “We provide management consulting and analytics services by deploying an innovative delivery model that involves a combination of onsite and online delivery that significantly reduces

MQuadrant not only designs strategies, but also helps organizations implement those strategies, while managing complex transformational issues during and after execution

consulting costs, minimizes transformational risks and deploys leading global consulting talent to complex projects,” explains Krupal. While engaging MQuadrant, most organizations prefer to deploy a hybrid model where key deliverables are worked upon remotely and critical elements that touch change management aspects of a project are dealt upon by MQuadrant’s onsite presence at the client offices.The firm relies on its Virtual Project Delivery Factory (VPDF) that implements management consulting solutions remotely via leading online technologies, for clients based in the US & Europe. MQuadrant believes in delivering a remarkable experience to each of its clients and thus, its founder Krupal Parchure himself handles each project to ensure that highest possible quality standards are maintained for every client and project.

The delivery nimbleness, result oriented expertise, vigor of impeccable project management and execution methods enable the firm to partner with clients seeking innovative solutions to transform their businesses. “Our clients get a unique opportunity to unearth their growth potential by re-engineering, operating efficiently, and innovating business models to serve new and existing customers better,” Krupal adds. MQuadrant also offers commercial, operational and transformational aspects of innovating a product, service or process. Apart from the Innovation Management service line, MQuadrant has also launched the Analytics service line, which will help companies describe, predict, and make informed business decisions across multiple functions leveraging data analytics. The goal is to gain competitive advantage by unlocking actionable value and insights from data. “To sum it up, operational, commercial, and transformational excellence will always remain core to MQuadrant’s service offering and as the industries and leading practices evolve, these services will evolve and stay agile to meet client expectations”, Krupal concludes.