Dreamline India: Align Dreams of Study, Work or Settlement into a Reality

CIO Vendor Immigrants often choose to leave their domicile in search of a higher standards of living, better financial prospects and professional challenges. In addition, the overwhelming fact that one could possibly enjoy a host of benefits from migrating such as free education for children, retirement bonuses and healthcare benefits, pushes one further to migrate to a new land. However, the pain points that most immigrants often face with are getting hold of a visa, given the fact that visa processing is a meticulous task; or a job vacancy overseas according to the international standards. Hence, keeping such barriers to immigration in mind, Dreamline India was established in 2014 with a sole motive to facilitate every Indian with a job opportunity in the foreign land that would uplift their lifestyle. “Completing more than a year into this field of providing jobs overseas, we are overcoming the hardships of immigration with our in- house training and tie-ups with embassies to make sure our candidates get a visa slot,” says Harish Yadav, Director, Dreamline India.

As the name suggests, Dreamline India focuses on aligning dreams of foreign study, work or settlement into reality. Starting from profile marketing, acquiring offer-letters from colleges or employers, assisting one with preparation of visa- petitions for permanent residency, work permit and study, to finally obtaining the visa, the company takes care of all the necessary efforts to make immigration process a cake walk. In fact, the company makes extra endeavor to train candidates,

allowing them to speak to recruiters who in turn provide necessary feedbacks on the key areas of improvement. With a prime objective to assure minimum anxiety during the whole process of immigration, the seasoned team of consultants at Dreamline India with industry expertise, skills and technological resources detangles the complications involved in processing, allowing clients to have a hassle free relocation while adhering to the evolving laws of immigration. “Our priority is to always ensure a job at hand. We are focusing on work permit visas and permanent residency visas and most importantly offer an average Indian a better paying job overseas. In other words, we are securing their future,” proclaims Harish.

Dreamline India offers Work Permit Visas and Permanent Residency Visas and most importantly offers an average Indian a better paying job overseas

Initially, the company faced hurdles pertaining to trust issues from clients but the company left no stone unturned to prove its metal backed by strong support from international sources and embassies. The growth of the company can be acknowledged from its achievements. Within a year of its establishment, the company successfully pulled up four branches in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune. Now, though at its nascent stage, Dreamline India has already evolved into a brand name settling hundreds of people and their families in different countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia, to name a few.

As years progress, Dreamline India would focus on establishing four more branches in India, employing more than 150 employees. “For the betterment of our clients, we would work towards more recruitment tie-ups that will enable a lot of job opportunities right from a bartender to a CEO,” concludes Harish.