Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants: Making the Australian Dream Come True

CIO Vendor Housing some of the top universities in the world, Australia is not just about the ‘Kangaroos and Cricket’. In recent years, the country has become one of the most sought after destinations for Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies, and even more so for gaining vocational skills. The enrollments during January-April this year stood at 48,311 as compared to 36,964 during the same period last year, according to official government figures released recently. The friendly and casual nature, high standards of living, and the A-one education in Australia have together made it a hot-spot for students internationally.

However, it is not easy for Indian students to fulfil their dreams as the road to Australia has more stumbling blocks than stepping stones. The tightening of student visa regulations, changes in the general skilled migration rules leading to permanent residency, selection of course and the institute, lodging and boarding, are some of the main concerns that students usually struggle with. Besides this, students coming from vernacular medium, find it difficult to speak in English, which is one of the prime requirements while going abroad for academic purpose.

The Inception of Aussizz Group

More than a decade ago, when Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel wanted to pursue his Master’s Degree in Engineering from Australia, he faced similar challenges and observed numerous loopholes in the process. He saw students going from one agency or institute to another in order to complete migration procedures or gather information, as there was rarely any single point of contact available. Though there were plenty of immigration agencies, not all of them help students with end-to-end requirements. Observing the obstacles faced by students, Mr. Dharmendra was encouraged to set up an organization that could help students with all their immigration, education and travel needs. And so was born Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants in 2009.

Year 2009 also marked the tightening of immigration policies in Australia and protests against assault on Indian students that led to instability of many immigration agencies. With the policy shift, E-VISA approval had been cancelled for Visa immigration companies. The Visa ratio had gone down drastically and the global market suddenly saw Australia shutting its doors for immigrants. Recounting those days, Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel, Managing Director, Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants, states, “It was a tough time to begin. Four of my friends and I started our first office in Wall Street, Ahmedabad. And as things started coming to normal, we set up an office in Melbourne in 2010. Starting with just two employees in the beginning, our operations and our team grew extensively over the next six months, and it became impossible for us to stop.”

Further narrating the journey of Aussizz, he explains how the company expanded its operations in Ahmedabad, Anand, Chennai, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne in a short span of seven years. Today, Aussizz has righteously set its eye on the peak, and is gunning to deliver impactful experiences, have a global outreach and fanatically help students realize their dreams to pursue higher studies abroad. The organization today operates in six cities, with a registered team of MARA agents, a total staff of over 90 employees and its uprising venture of ENO (English and Overseas). “When the going gets tough the tough get going. That is what precisely happened with Aussizz,” adds Mr. Dharmendra, with a smile on his face.

Making Dreams Come True

Australia being one of the biggest attractions for students who aspire to study abroad brings a few key challenges. Lack of single point of contact, lack of constant VISA updates, lack of job assistance and aid for accommodation are the key issues that students deal with. Aussizz Group resolves these issues with its supreme customer servicing as it has offices spread across major cities in Australia and India that provide them the relevant
guidance pertaining to their immigration, education and travel needs. As a solution oriented organization, Aussizz also provides personalized services and help students with accommodation or job referrals if needed. It also offers coaching and education to students for English or other selection tests.

As a solution oriented organization, Aussizz provides personalized services and help students with accommodation or job referrals if needed. It also offers coaching and education to students for English or other selection tests

In recent years, Aussizz has become a specialist in facilitating immigration, promising exceptional customer experiences and sustainability. To facilitate visa processes, it has qualified and registered migration agents. The company follows the model of continuous professional development and upgrades the model with latest information associated with Visas. Operating in the immigration space for the past seven years, Aussizz has helped over 1000 customers get general skilled migration to Australia. “What has been the focal point of this journey is that we deal with different subclasses of VISA for Australia. We offer different options and create possibilities for our customers. Reasoned to the same, they value us and see us as the first and best choice, says Mr. Dharmendra.

Being a customer centric company, Aussizz has been advancing its processes continuously with technological transformations. The use of IT has helped the organization assist its customers better, address their concerns, provide them with timely guidance, and streamline and maintain transparency in the processes. Establishment of internal communication and feedback system has significantly helped Aussizz facilitate smooth flow of operations. Through technological up-gradation and digital transformation, the organization is now able to provide virtual assistance to customers located in Surat, Baroda, Chandigarh, Dubai, Amman, Malaysia, Vietnam and Mauritius, where it currently does not have presence. The organization also engages in constant research and development to evolve its systems and improve customer engagement. “All this while, our values of ethical conduct, customer satisfaction, clear communication, promptness of service, community bonding, and protection of client’s interests are never compromised,” he assures.

Becoming a Trusted Brand in Migration and Education Consultation

Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel takes great pride in a fact that Aussizz has successfully served more than 10,000 clients since the beginning who have contributed to the company’s growth by their valuable referrals. With such a record, it is no surprise that Aussizz is a specialized institution for those seeking migration and education consultation. He also believes that in years to come, a continuous evolution in technology will shape processes and make Aussizz the first choice for immigrants. “What is important for us is to evolve as a trusted brand and establish immense trust built on our services that go beyond just money making engagements to helping people realize their dreams. Also, we wish to be a companion to those who wish to migrate to Australia in search for opportunities,” he concludes.

Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel, Managing Director

Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel is a qualified engineer specializing in Electronics and Communication from Bhavnagar University in Gujarat. He further acquired his Master’s Degree from Deakin University (Geelong Campus), Australia. It was during his days as a post-graduate student in Australia, when he observed the stumbling blocks that the students go through while seeking to go abroad for education. He identified the loopholes in the process and was determined to help those who wish to pursue further steps in their career in foreign lands.

Soon he learnt the tricks of the trade and acquired relevant certifications and accreditations from germane immigration bodies. For instance, he is a RMA (Registered Migration Agent), certified Qualified Education Agent Counsellor, Qualified Education Agent Counsellor and more. Without his vision, dedication and hard work, Aussizz would have remained just a distant dream.