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CIO Vendor Sudhir Reddy was in his ninth standard when a couple of his friends got into an argument. Instead of taking sides, he chose to use logic and practicality to help them resolve their arguments amicably.Seeing his approach towards this incident his teachers told his mother narrating the entire episode ‘You have to be make him a lawyer he will be the very good’.That was the starting point of his journey to become one of the finest lawyer of his place. His aspirations to become a lawyer and own a law firm eventuated from his encouraging parents and his own zeal to do his best in the field of law. Being quick to understand the need of practical knowledge in this field, he immediately after completion of his LLM degree from UK, started working at the District Court in Pune for a year and at the Mumbai High Court later.

Having interned with various firms while studying law, Sudhir obtained a clear picture on how law firms operate in general. His zeal power cumulated with his passion towards law, led to the inception of Reddy & Reddy, Advocates & Legal Consultants in 2010. After many brain storming sessions with his father, T Rajeswar Reddy, Sudhir was finally unbeatento pursue his dreams to open up his own boutique law practice in Pune. Based in Pune, Reddy & Reddy, Advocates & Legal Consultants, now is one of the top law firms in Maharashtra that offers a full range of legal services on all aspects of the Indian Law to a diversified client base, including well-known multi-national corporations working in India.

Sudhir started his journey with just two cases in hand while he had no absolute idea about the growth map of the firm. “I wanted to grow as an organization which could be approached by the general public and a law firm which practices good work ethics. My father helped me by refering some clients to my firm,” explains Sudhir. Mr. TRajeswarReddy’s uncanny leadership quality to motivate people into doing something inspirational has contributed a lot for the growth of the firm. He has always been the backbone of the firm which has given the firm immense strength to grow into what it is today.

Over the years, Reddy & Reddy has come a long way to attain its peak of success; however, initially the biggest challenge as Sudhir refers to, was to increase the firm’s visibility in the legal arena. “Since an advocate is not allowed to advertise in public, it becomes quite difficultfor us to reach out to the prospective clients. I wanted the public to now about Reddy and Reddy Law Firm as a firm which offers quality service at a affordable price. Working towardsensuring clients gettingadequate legal advice for the protection of their interests, soon people started to know about Reddy & Reddy. Over a period of time, the firm’s clientele grew and so did the recognition of the firm. “I still remember the day I got a favorable judgment in the very first case filed and pleaded by me. That was a day and since then till now the journey has been an exciting one. Though I have number of advantageous judgments and acquittals in my name today, I still can’t explain the confidence I gained because of that first favorable order. We look forward to every case and work with one objective – ‘Advocate what is right and aim to get the best result for all our clients’,” he adds.

The Indian market has been progressive and seen a sea change due to increasing foreign investments in the country and due to government’s policies to promote businesses and encourage the youth of the country. Campaigns like “Make in India” have given a huge acceleration to startups; hence the need for legal services is increasing day by day. Also with the arising businesses there has been a huge increase in legal complications and implications and as a result the scope of work for the lawyers has also increased.
Catering to all types of clients ranging from startups to established organizations, Reddy & Reddy Law firm has assisted them in many legal as well as managerial decisions. “We all are aware of Cyber Forensics and Information Security being one of the major concerns for businesses. It has become the need of the hour to create awareness in society regarding the cyber security and hazards of misuse of internet and technology. Reddy & Reddy is one of those few law firms who are giving services of Cyber Forensic and information security to its clients,” avers Sudhir.

When it comes to litigation, team Reddy & Reddy ensures to take up Pro bono cases where they charge minimal fees for the weaker sections. Along with this, it offers free legal aid for the weaker section of society. “Our main aim behind the establishment was to cater best services to all sections of the society. And to abide ourselves with this very principle, we always adopt all possible ways to satisfy our clients,” says Sudhir.

Highlighting the core competency of its team, Sudhir explains, “We have advocates in our firm holding expertise in all the major fields of law. We have retired District Court and High Court judges who work with us as our panel of experts. Moreover, a lot of senior lawyers also assist us in some of the larger cases we handle”.

Civil Litigation being one of its major services, Reddy & Reddy Law firm has solved several land dispute issues at the District court as well as the High court. It has dealt with various suits starting from money recovery, partitions suits, in junctions to probate applications and so on. Along with handling the civil cases, the firm has achieved a huge success in achieving acquittals in crucial criminal Cases.

“We expertise in drafting and conveyancing but do not limit ourselves to drafting of Joint Venture Agreements, MOUs, Wills Leave and License and other agreements. Along with the litigation team we also have a separate team of lawyers dedicated to the corporate arm of the firm,” he mentions.

Team Reddy & Reddy also caters its legal services to many of the leading companies in Pune on a retainership basis. For the retainers, they render services ranging from Corporate Compliances, Labour Compliances, HR documentation, Vetting of documents, Third Party Agreements, Contract Drafting and Management, amongst others. The firm also has a special team of technical staff and ethical hackers who work on cyber crimes.

It’s all about being the Best
Aiming to provide its comprehensive legal services for individuals, corporates, financial and commercial clients, Sudhir has built a very positive reputation in the city for the quality of the work he delivers and client counseling. The firm has been practicing at tribunals very efficaciously in the Family Court, DRT, Consumer, Labour Courts and also at the National Green Tribunal and Competition Commission of India.

Keeping up with the four keys of customer service, client satisfaction, knowledge and honesty that Reddy & Reddy staunchly follows, Sudhir always tries to emphasize on settling the issue outside the court rather than dragging the clients to the court each time. He and his team always make an effort to mediate and negotiate the matter before it reaches to the court of law. Enlightening on this, Sudhir says “Being a qualified mediator, I always try and settle the dispute amicably between the parties since I feel that with changing times it has become necessary to implement the outside court settlement measures as it saves time, money and energy of the client and also enables speedy justice”.

When asked about the developments that can beexpected from the organization during the years ahead, Sudhir avers, “Reddy & Reddy is a one stop solution with quality assurance at cost effective rates and hence we are planning to explore the unchartered territories that we may not have till date. We are concentrating on quality work rather than quantity work in each of our verticals so that we are continuously delivering better services to our clients. Our firm has always focused at being approachable to the clients and hence I will focus more and more on increasing the firm’svisibility in the legal market.”