Brainiac IP Solutions: Fortifying Your Right on Your IP

CIO Vendor A patent secured making the right draft and technological evaluation can never be undermined. Recently, a small company named Smartflash LLC won two patent infringement cases against Apple Inc., each for $ 533 million and $532.9 million. Such is the value of a strong patent. However, the Intellectual Property market today is crowded with fringe individuals and corporate organizations treating it similar to IT industries. Discerning the unprofessional approach and ignorance in the way IP services are provided by law firms and consultancies in India and abroad, Brainiac IP Solutions came into existence in 2010 to help organizations protect their IP assets strategically and derive maximum benefits out of the same.

Maintaining utmost transparency and quick turnaround times, the Pune headquartered firm has been working with over 100 clients globally, which include prestigious names like Faurecia, Haldex, Mahindra Engineering, Persistent Systems, Pune University amongst others. Recounting firm’s journey through its inception, Suneet B Sabale, CEO, Brainiac IP Solutions, says, “Initially we had put a lot of efforts to persuade people that we may charge a little higher, but we would ensure that their investments on securing IP assets would bring much higher gains in the long run. Today, where other IP firms stand different in comparison to any software company hungry for venture capitalists,we deliver services adhering to global standards
and equate our clients’ growth with ours.”
IPRs today play a significant role in corporate strategy and accurate valuation of IP remains a major impediment to their emergence as a tradable asset. Being aware of this thumb rule, Brainiac IP Solutions has employed a team of engineers and science graduates to analyze each invention from all dimensions to draft the documents correctly, which may otherwise never lead to relevant citation.

Rutuja Kulkarni who specializes in drafting patent application, conducting search, and preparing and filing design application at Brainiac IP Solutions, explains, that a large number of IP firms fail to espouse the right approach when it comes to IP filings. “Some IP filings are strategic for blocking competitors from entering in a particular domain, whereas others are imperative in terms of manufacturing, selling and other business operations. In each case, a specialized roadmap is needed,” she adds.

Brainiac IP Solutions has employed a team of engineers and science graduates to analyze each invention from all dimensions to draft the documents correctly

Reclaiming firm’s commitment to offer professional services that do not come with a validity card, Suneet says, “We make the right efforts to safeguard our clients’ interest. The life of a patent may span up to 20 years or more, and we are determined to handhold our clients and provide them assistance throughout the lifespan of the patent and with any related challenge they may encounter. At the same time, we wish to extend our support to corporate across the globe so that they achieve maximum returns on their R&D efforts.”