Brainiac IP Solutions: One of Leading Firm in PatentService Industry

CIO Vendor In knowledge driven organizations, the need to protect intellectual property (IP) rights has become a vital requirement. Organizations are realizing that insuring their innovative ideas is as important as ensuring their survival as in fore fending future infringements from competitors. Well aware of the potential that IP services industry holds, Suneet Sabale founded Brainiac IP Solutions. The company primarily provides IP services for patents & innovative designs and also specializes in providing trademark and copyright advisory services.
While working with MNCs in the IP domain, Suneet realized the lack of specialized Patentservices in the Indian market, a factor that prompted him to start his own company.

Brainiac’s primary approach is to value profession first and then the business,unlike most of the consultants.

Sharing his story, Suneet says,“The company’s policy to render authentic advice, best quality work conforming to global standards, providing competitive rates and delivering services on time helped it gain attention pretty soon.” Explaining the present IP landscape Suneet said, “Adviceand services from inexperienced consultants often proves misleading for clients. They face Government rejections and are then diverted to other IP services firms”. Having found a solution to work around this problem, Suneet has managed to win a long list of satisfied clients. The company oversees the complete patent process right from the filing to the grant. They help clients chalk out roadmaps, point out the strategies, define in-house activities to be conducted, discuss about the market penetration and the competition strategies, and in the process, update the client from time to time. The company also performs freedom to operate searches for clients’ new products, files new patent applications, and finally, hands over the examination report. Elaborating the services Suneet adds, “We file PCT applications for our foreign clients, and are also associated with foreign companies and law firms. We provide litigation support and patent assessment as well.”
Hailing from Pune, Suneet floated Brainiac in the same city. With minimal funding and limited resources, the company saw its highs and lows during the initial years. But the team’s constant urge to deliver the best services has not only helped it grow steadily, but also accrued it with referral businesses. Among its clients, the company counts FaureciaInterior Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mahindra Engineering, Brain & Iris Technologies Pvt.Ltd, SavitribaiPhule Universityand many more. Suneet adds, “Many practitioners do not value the depth of knowledge required in this field. And, as a result, the client companies face losses.” Brainiac’s primary approach is to value profession first and then the business, unlike most of the consultants.
In its journey so far, Brainiac has witnessed varied shades of success. The company has worked with different levels of clients starting from individuals to domestic companies. Currently, Brainiac is working with some of the industry’s best and biggest names. To keep their clients updated, the company regularly publishes its newsletters and advisories. “In addition to our services in Pune, we are also planning to expand our footstep in to cities like Mumbai, Aurangabad and Bangalore. We are geared up to follow up our past success with newer milestones,” Suneet signs off.