Altacit Global - A One Stop Firm For All Legal Services

CIO Vendor In a constantly changing regulatory environment, organizations need practical advice and solutions to meet their legal and compliance obligations in a sound governance framework. This, along with the sudden economicoutgrowth in the country, has opened doors of opportunities for several law firms. Resonating with the market demands, a number of law firms today deliver legal and other associated services.
Among these legal consulting firms is Altacit Global, a top ranked and reputed law firm, pioneering legal consulting services in India specializing particularly in Intellectual Property (IP) laws. Dr. Sudhir Ravindran, CEO of Altacit Global, founded the company in the year 2003. Having realized that companies often need to seek out legal directions, he had set his vision to build a professionally qualified and experienced law firm based in India.Today, the company serves client’s needsaround the world, far exceeding his initial set out goals.
Headquartered in Chennai, Altacit Global is an ISO 9001 certified law firm. Since its inception, the firm adhered to its policy of providing a 360 degree

view and well-thought-out solutions to its clients. The firmprovides services related to Intellectual Property and Corporate Laws, along with Real Estate and franchising advisory services.
AltacitGlobal’sIP services include registration,prosecution, protection and enforcement across domestic and international markets. The franchise services of the firmaids the clients in expanding their retail businesses using franchise model, starting from identifying the right franchises to helping them in regular audits during normal operations. In short, Altacit Global thrives on wiping out the legal nitty-gritty’s for its clients, allowing them to focus on their core business areas. Armed with a range of associate lawyers based in several countries, the firmserves the international legal needs of global clients.
Altacit Global, already acknowledged as a one stop legal firmin India, sustains transparency in its services following a rigorous coordination with its clients and highlighting the cost involved at each step. Over the years, the firm‘s pragmatic approach such as flexible structure, focused delivery and practicality has helped it bring definitive success for itself as well as for its valued customers. In addition to its legal services, the company thrives to create awareness by providing information and education with its sporadically published legal materials, which are supported by in-depth research, analysis and training. With its industry recognized services, the company has earned the reputation of working with some of the big wigs in the industry, which include RaneGroup, Khivraj Group, ShasunPharmaceuticals, Titan, Cholayil Group and many more. Sudhir recalls, “Gathering the right people for the establishment of the systems and processes was the initial challenge the firmencountered, but sooner the scenario revamped, and today our systems are far more mature than our adversary's.”
For its employees, the company has ascertained flexibility in work timings and ensures a balanced gender ratio. Needless to say, AltacitGlobal’s emphasis on strict time bound results has been vindicated by the fact that the firmhas been able to retain its customers and is indeed proud of this feat.