Zamstars: Fueled by the Zeal to Achieve More with a Team of Stars

CIO Vendor Recently, Zomato, the restaurant search app was in the news for having laid off a large number of its employees. In a letter to its employees to explain the situation, the organization’s CEO put the onus of the tough times on the failure of the sales team.
Tata Motor’s Nano was one of the most anticipated cars to be launched in the Indian market. However, Tata Nano could never really take off in the market because the car was marketed as ‘the cheapest car in the world’, a strategy that did not go very well with the mindset of the Indian middleclass. The whole project was declared a failure owing to its misleading marketing and branding strategies.

Examples such as these go on to emphasize the critical role played by marketing, branding and sales functions. Arguably, these three are the most important functions in a venture as they help set expectations, understand needs and articulate the purpose to all other stakeholders. However, not every organization is adept at handling these functions satisfactorily. “A major mistake made by most companies is that they look at solving challenges unilaterally. What they actually require is a holistic solution triggered ‘Outward Inside’,” explains Sivaram Kuppachi, CEO & Co-Founder of Zamstars, a provider of marketing, branding and sales services under one roof. To alleviate this challenge the organization has devised a unique formulae ‘{m+b+s} e=g’. Sivaram further explains, “Marketing, branding and sales functions are often the catalyst for growth in any organization. The other important element is seamless execution. When execution combines with the three critical functions, it can drive exponential growth for any organization.” Companies thus gain a holistic view of MBS offering that can be measured on Outcome Metrics.

Additionally Zamstars also gives emphasis to understanding a client’s business objectives and products so as to provide solutions specifically designed to drive business growth. Having been in the industry for a little more than two years, the organization has come a long way and today works with some of the biggest names across industry verticals.

Take ‘decisions’. Then make them right.
Ratan Tata once famously said “I don’t believe in taking the ‘right’ decisions. I take decisions and then make them right”. Zamstars is inspired bythis veryphilosophy. Sivaram further elucidates, “In today’s complex and demanding business world ‘speed’ is critical.” However, companies always focus on taking the right decision, and in the process, end up wasting precious time which could make all the difference in the market. So, it is important that business professionals trust their instincts and take a swift business decision and then do everything in their capacity to make that decision work for the organization. Zamstars helps its clients gain an edge in the industry by taking these swift business decisions.

Interestingly, Sivaram and his team named their organization Zamstars using the same philosophy. While most organizations spend ample time and energy in finding a suitable name for the organization, Sivaram did the opposite. “While we were in the process of building the company, I realized that the domain name was available and without giving it much thought, I booked it. It was later that my team gave meaning to the name; ‘the Zealto Achieve More with a team of STARS’,” he adds.

The company that practices what it preaches has come a long way in the industry today. However, the first few months were not a cakewalk, and
the Zamstars team had to work hard to earn the trust of its first clients. The team took its time to test the waters in the initial days. Gradually things changed and today, time is not a constraint for the team. A major driving force behind their quick success is the combined industry experience of its co-founders. Sivaram is an industry veteran who has worked in various domains, in various capacities over two decades. Leveraging his years of industry experience, Sivaram has helped the company design a full roster of services that can help clients gain a competitive business edge.

Business Solutions for Today’s Complex World
Today’s unrelenting business world expects every organization to be at their A game at all times. With the advent of globalization, business models have become increasingly complex, there is immense pressure on bottom lines and it has become an uphill task to enhance customer delight. “While marketing encompasses customer segmentation, branding, positioning, communication and competitor analysis, sales ensure customer acquisition, revenue growth, pricing and profitability. We don’t think any one of them can survive without the other,” says Sivaram. Thus, Zamstars provides clients with services such as business andstrategy consulting where the organization helps clients rethink their business strategies, and market research that helps clients take informed decisions based on primary and secondary research.

Zamstars helps its clients gain an edge in the industry by taking these swift business decisions

Additionally, the organization also renders branding solutions where, based on consumer insights and market knowledge,unique campaign concepts are devised. This helps clients build their brand strategy and identity, which is very critical for customer engagement. Complementing that, Zamstars also provides media planning services to its clients. In a bid to execute campaigns in the right manner, the organization helps clients get the right media mix at an optimal cost to derive an effective ROI. The organization also helps clients leverage various channels of marketing to attract, engage, influence and delight its customers by providing effective content marketing solutions. Adding to this, Zamstars provides sales management servicesthat include CRM selection and sales pipeline management. This helps clients gain predictable business growth. Clients can choose either one or more services based on their requirements.

“Internally we have three teams; we work as an advertising agency. Wealso have a complete indoor and outdoor marketing team which functions as a marketing agency. We have a sales team where, if the customer wants us to get them sales, we deploy sales people to go and get the order,” explains Sivaram.

Going Beyond the Ordinary
A common norm in the consulting industry is for a consulting team to chart out solutions for its clients. However, not many consultants actually work with a client through the execution stage. This is where Zamstars has built a strong differentiator. “Our core competency is our behavior driven execution,” says Sivaram, as he beams with pride. Running on discipline, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market today.

Zamstars is also industry and customer type agnostic. The organization only lays emphasis on the brand instead of the client. In fact, if the team does not connect with the brand, they simply move on saying no. The company is adept at working for B2B as well as B2C clients. The organization has also devised a strong customer engagement model which is robust and outcome-oriented. “We are able to accomplish this through aresearch-driven, go-to-market strategy, coupled with adisciplinedcustomer acquisition process andpassionatedelivery,” adds Sivaram.

At the foundation of the organization’s strong and pragmatic services is its young and talented team that exhibits a passion for execution and accountability. The organization considers its employeesits most invaluable assets. The desire for knowledge and a will to succeed is a belief held by the entire organization. Given the organization’s strong service portfolio and the philosophies in place, Zamstars is well on its way to shoot beyond the stars.