Ruby Capital Advisors: Knowledge based Solutions for Debt Syndication and Corporate Finance Advisory

CIO Vendor Finance related decisions are significantly important to the entrepreneurs at all times. Such decisions and their consequences can impact a business in a bigway. Lack of efforts in managing finances can even lead to existential challenges for a company. Considering the significance of elements such as investment banking, debt syndication and corporate finance, the founders of Ruby Capital Advisors entered the industry with the most appropriate solutions in 2009.Headquartered in Mumbai, this advisory firm provides solutions that enable companies to grow their business operations accordingly to their vision along with appropriate financial management. With a combined experience of 40 years in investment banking and corporate finance activities, the founders of Ruby Capital formulated solutions that add to the fluency of their clients’ businesses.

An Extended Service Portfolio
The team at Ruby Capital Advisors, in its extended service portfolio, offers all the significant elements of corporate finance advisory. The firm is primarily focused on four major activities, out of which the foremost is debt raising and debt restructuring. The other services are preparation of business plans, information memorandums and evaluation modules, Equity raising and M&A apart from virtual CFO services. In short, from raising debt for businesses to supporting their business decisions and managing angel funding for newly commenced businesses, they do everything. These solutions cater to ventures across sectors i.e. infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, facility management, manpower supply, logistics &transportation, cement, media and software industries. Detailing its services and the value associated with them, Chetan, Partner, Ruby Capital
Advisors says, “The advantage we have is knowledge based and it works well in dynamic situations. Especially in terms of investment decisions or understanding the point of views of the management, we can add a lot of value.”

Paving a Path to Success
While every business has its challenges, Ruby Capital’s initial years were devoid of any major challenges. With the availability of immediate opportunities and an extended network, it had very few challenges to deal with. While the road ahead wasn’t all smooth, the team was always well prepared with cautious moves. “The market conditions may be booming and there may be requirements of new projects. We have the capability to deliver the projects on time and we also know how to track projects. When the market conditions were bad, we have worked successfully on business / debt restructuring type of projects” adds Chetan. The company holds the advantage of operating across all the functions of corporate finance. Owing to the expertise and knowledge of the balance sheet and audit aspects apart from corporate finance functions, the support from Ruby Capital Advisors is desired by the clients even after the completion of projects.

Ruby Capital Advisors holds the advantage of operating across all the functions of corporate finance and across multiple sectors

Milestones and the Way Ahead
Ever since the inception, the journey for Ruby Capital Advisors has been exciting. Having witnessed many highs and lows in the market, the organization has achieved several milestones in its brief five-year long journey in the industry. Counting a Rs. 100 Crore project, a huge foreign equity project for an Indian company and completion of other such projects among the milestones, the company is moving upwards on the growth charts. A major reason for this has been the consistency in its result driven approach and customized solutions it has been offering to the clients. In the years to come, the organization is aiming to expand to cover southern India i.e. Hyderabad and Bangalore. Besides, expansion of the team is another major element that the organization counts while detailing out its roadmap.