ARK Corporate Advisors: Ushering Guidance and Assistance in Debt Advisory Services Through Transparency

In today’s tenuous economy and financial distress, keeping a right balance between the debt and credits has been a fireplay for most of the organizations and individuals. It’s not always comfortable sailing when it comes to managing their sums of finances. However, in the Indian context, possessing expert knowledge in financial space is inevitable to tread across the difficult path of debt management. The knowledge of Direct & Indirect Taxes makes it more workable to face these challenges for a financial expert.The most important aspects of Debt Syndication is assessing the business and its capability to repay the debt. Being in the industry since 1992, Rajneesh Aggarwal foresaw this need of the Indian market, which paved the inception of ARK Corporate Advisors two years ago. “Most of the clients who approached us wanted to have a complete debt syndication solution at a single point professional firm,” says Rajneesh Aggarwal, Chairman and MD of ARK Corporate Advisors. Incorporated in the year 2013, ARK Corporate Advisors came into the light to provide professional management consultancy services to the existing and prospective clients of CA firm Rajneesh Associates.

ARK aims to develop deep and long-term strategic relationships with the clients by acting as a strategic advisor and by helping them to add value to their business

According to Rajneesh, to make it possible the professionals need to perceive the promoters vision with an open eye and analytical mind. “We were already running a CA firm since 1992 and were feeling the necessity of management consultancy firm as a separate arm in corporate form,” he expounds. Presently the company commands a strong reputation in the banking sector for corporate finance, catering to all banking requirements of the corporates, industrial units and MSME’s.
The Well Chiseled Services
The structuring of debt raising program involves the challenge of rightful and correct understanding of the business. Well, when it comes to ARK, the firm truly defines this, under the shades of expertise that Rajneesh brings in. “Client’s need Debt funds in time at competitive costs with practical structure and this is what we do for them,” he adds. Being a phase changer in the industry ARK sees client’s financial needs from the angle of a sustainable business model and arranges it in a perfect structure at the most competitive cost. Today, ARK carries the vision of offering long-term services in the debt syndication sector to MSME and Corporate entities.
Being in the financial sector for more than two decades, the firm takes pride in providing extremely cost-effective, high-quality services. ARK aims to develop deep and long-term strategic relationships with the clients by acting as a strategic advisor and by helping them to add value to their business.
CIO Vendor "Our experience and market presence gives us intimate knowledge of the appropriate financing options. Our professional advice is supported by true understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our clients, connectivity with the financial markets, deep sector knowledge and a skilled negotiation prowess,” says Rajneesh. Today, ARK provides services spanning from banking, management consulting, tax advisory and corporate planning. As a multi skill set firm, with perfect deal structuring, competitive costing, in-time delivery, advanced action plan for future and compliance teachings, ARK tailores well fitting suit to client’s debt and financial management needs.
A Journey to Excellence
Formed by a team of financial experts, erudite accountants and professionals who have deep and broad expertise in the areas of corporate finance and corporate strategy, ARK has a credible track record as a financial advisor. The consultants and senior associates of the firm have built a deep appreciation of the changed economic realities and are in a unique position to assist organizations to capitalize effectively on the myriad growth opportunities which arise each day .
“Our specialized knowledge of finance and banking with a deep understanding of the business environment, coupled with the availability of specialized direct & indirect tax professional makes us a strong team,” proudly says Rajneesh. Since the inception, the firm has come a long way, backing up a series of sectors which includes commodity traders, jewellery exporters, infrastructure companies, education, NBFC and media companies. Apart from that, the firm has span it’s services across the boundaries in the recent past by offering services to offshore clients in Hong Kong and Dubai for their Debt raising programs. “Our aim is to give continuous advice to our clients, so as the client witnesses progress in its venture, we experience an automatic growth,” he adds.
Looking ahead, the company is poised to spread its wings across Hongkong, China, Switzerland and UAE in next three years. Further, ARK will be seen focusing in quality space for debt syndication with the main objective of NIL NPA. “For next three years we would like to concentrate on debt deals only and later on we would like to establish a separate wing for equity side of the market focusing on private equity from HNI’s and overseas investors,” Rajneesh concluded.