Rays Power Experts: Pledged to Build a Greener and Cleaner India with Efficacious Consulting and Turnkey Operations

CIO Vendor India has been blessed with bountiful resources that enable her to be counted as one of the leading and most dynamic energy producing and consuming countries of the world. The tendency to develop renewable and green energy owing to the rapid depletion of mineral resources has opened up newer doors. This situation has proved to be both a boon and a challenge for fresh companies in the energy sector competing with the already existing energy giants. The New Energy project under the present government’s plans has enabled the emergence of new players in the energy sector. But what stood as a barrier to reaching the epitome of success was the lack of adequate and effective expertise in this segment. Rays Power Experts, the brainchild of the young technocrat, Rahul Gupta proved to be an antidote to the problem.

Rahul Gupta, Founder, CEO and Managing Director of Rays Power Experts, an all round consultancy and turnkey operator in new energy, started his venture in 2011. The IIT-Roorkee graduate started his career even before he had completed his engineering degree with the passion towards a greener, cleaner and responsible India. Withstanding a string of challenges in the field of green energy consultancy, Rays Power Experts has evolved as one of the most trusted consultancy with zero debt and outside equity till date. “The major hitch was investing time in understanding what solar is all about, how you can invest in the solar business, how you can set up solar power plants, what are the benefits especially with no reference project to cite,” expounds Rahul.
As the solar power industry was dominated by veteran payers in the milieu, the clients who were mostly first timers in the scenario wanted complete transparency in the information flow. The lack of reference projects and adequately experienced contractors added to the dilemma of the clients. Keeping the equity and quality of the projects throughout were other requisites for both the companies and the investors. Rahul and his expert team of technocrats have helped clients to overcome the challenges with a gamut of services. Land and site identification, supply of solar panels and accessories, development of site infrastructure, installation and commissioning, power evacuation to operation and maintenance over the entire life of the project are some of areas covered by Rays. Their diligence and on time delivery of projects has earned the company some of the biggest names in their client roll. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, New Delhi Municipal Corporation-Delhi, Laxmi Diamonds, Rishav Buildwell, Rajasthan Patrika, Bikaji Namkeen, and Haldirams are just few feathers in their hat.

Withstanding a string of challenges in the field of green energy consultancy, Rays Power Experts have evolved as one of the most trusted consultancy with zero debt and outside equity till date

Rays Power Experts has already commissioned more than 167MW projects in both solar power and rooftop business, with more than 417MW is in portfolio and 250MW in the pipeline. Starting with a capital of just 1 lakh Rupees, Rays Power Experts now has a total business of around 650 Crore and is estimating the annual turnover to cross more than 1000 Crore mark in this fiscal year. Rahul says, “The company envisions to enable every individual to own a solar power plant capacity. We are developing certain technology platforms and business models where we will make this happen.” With a pan India foothold, Rays has bagged several awards and honors and is looking forward to winning many more in the days to come.