Geon Consulting: Providing Stupendous Support to Energy Cost Control

Energy cost calculation was a nominal factor for any industry during 1970’s. It slowly gained significance when technology took a lead in global business. The arrival of newer technologies boosted up various expenditures and cost control became a serious issue for entrepreneurs.Energy cost control too has been considered as a critical strategic issue in all industrial sectors. Even the government’s new venture in the electricity sector provided the opportunity to have a wide look into both the supply and demand options. Industries therefore have several options of reducing energy consumption nowadays which gradually leads to cost reduction. However, this can be achieved by implementing several options available in the market and Geon Consulting Private Limited has been working on providing apt solutions for its clients.

Our specialization in the energy sector is not the only reason for our success but rendering the best solutions at a lower cost helps obtaining additional clients

Raju Gupta founded the consultancy in 2009 after having served several years in propriety firms. Having completed his mechanical engineering degree from IIT, Delhi he started working in the private sector for machine designing and power plant engineering sections. “I was qualified as a Certified Energy Auditor and got involved in different studies on energy management services. But, I always wanted to give a concrete shape to my efforts, therefore I founded Geon Consulting,”he explains.His long term experience in energy based activities has helped the company to provide services related to energy consulting, work on different energy technologies, outsourcing of different requirements like financial closure and work on putting up of energy plants. “We provide complete services to bring efficiency in the energy used in industrial sectors. In addition we also provide services for related concepts like carbon credits, energy resource management etc,” he adds.
CIO Vendor Being a one-stop solution provider, the company renders all services that a project demands. From initial conceptualization, documentation, financial solutions, technology & engineering to marketing help, its excellence portrays through its actions. “Our specialization in the energy sector is not the only reason for our success, but rendering the best solutions at a lower cost helps obtaining additional client,” includes Raju.

Laddering to the higher floors of success since its inception the company has successfully completed, carbon credit projects for three milk processing plants along with rendering supreme services in biogas, biomass, small hydro and solar area. “We are in the process of setting up a 5 MW small hydro power plant in Himachal Pradesh, a 10 MW SPV power plant in Punjab, a 2.5 MW biomass gasifier and 1 MW biogas based power plant in Haryana and three more similar projects,” he confirms. While working on high cost projects at present, the company aims to build up large size energy plants in its near future. Similarly, the company aspires to go beyond 10 MW capacity plant in solar area and is planning to enter highly specialized services under foreign collaborations.“The Indian industry needs services for advanced Energy Management Systems, Power quality services, etc.. Thus we are also trying to develop outsourcing solutions for such services,” concludes Raju.