HECS: Assures to provide Environmental Management Services at par with the Global Standards

India, known for being rich in terms of natural resources has seen a rapid degeneration in the quality of air, water and soil owing to high pollution and exploitation rates, caused due to the extensive Industrialization and Infrastructure growth post liberalization in early nineties.
Dr. J. R. Moses, CEO, Hubert Enviro Care Systems Pvt. Ltd., after attending the International Visitors Program, a scholarship by the US Government on sustainable development, realized the colossal gap between the global standards and Indian standards of Environmental Management.
He felt an immediate need in our country to address the issue and bridge the gap. This resulted in the starting of Enviro Care Systems in 1997 which was later renamed as Hubert Enviro Care Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( HECS ) in 2004 after collaborating with Hubert Stavoren, Holland ( a 120 years old pioneer environmental management company).

Overcoming Hurdles and Hiccups
Enviro Care Systems being one of the first movers in the Industry, had to go through its fair share of turbulences during its initial years, as the prospective business failed to convince the investors and lenders including the nationalized banks.
The challenges like providing the infrastructure, built-up space and finances for the World Class Environmental Laboratory, Manufacturing and Implementing the services on a National scale was an onerous and painful task. All these challenges took about 3-4 years to be resolved but the hardships did not dissuade Dr. J.R. Moses from pursuing his dream.
Dr. J.R. Moses confides with Mighty Grace of God coupled along with the warm support of his wife and children he was able to tide over difficult period and come out successful in establishing this business which today employees six hundred direct team members and another hundred indirect support team.
His vast experience of two decades in the field of Environment Management and a pool of knowledge gathered while working with some of the premier industries such as SPIC, CPCL, DuPont India and Hyundai Heavy Industries coupled with his simple and pragmatic approach in solving environmental management problems has provided clear lead in the industry.
Industry Leader
HECS, operates with Chennai as centre and multi located at Mangalore, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Surat and Hyderabad. Also HECS is probably the only service provider with two empanelled Environmental Laboratories in Chennai and Mangalore. Now third is being implemented in Trivandrum at Parasala.
The Chennai Lab is diversifying into Euro Norm compliant Food Laboratory and is setting up R&D Facilities in Environmental Management areas.
HECS’s Process and Technology has been supreme in turnkey projects such as High Pure Water Treatment involving complex membrane and De-Ionization processes, Complex Evaporation Technology for high polluted waters, Municipal Water and Sewage Water Treatments, Bio Methanation Power Plants, Industrial Zero Liquid Discharges Plant, Gas Scrubbers etc., Also HECS was honoured to do critical commissioning and continues to operate Rashtrapathi Bhavan to MLD waste water treatment plant.

HECS or Hubert Enviro not only provides consultancy solution in terms of Environmental Management and Pollution Control but it also is a one stop green solution for all Environmental related issues

HECS has conducted more than three hundred Environmental Impact
CIO Vendor Assessment Studies (EIA) , Environment Management Plan (EMP) , Risk Assessment (RA) and Ground Water studies in Industries and Service Sectors.
In the recent decade HECS has grown leaps and bounds with induction of next generation leaders Dr. Rajkumar Samuel (Director – Technical), Abishek Moses (Director – Engineering) and Sangeeth Moses (Director – Bus. Development), whose creative initiatives have developed and diversified the business in different verticals successfully.
These initiatives include a powerful amalgamation with Chennai based ESSAAR Instruments Private Limited a leader in Environmental and Process On Line Instrumentation Company. Besides the establishment of Moriah Retail Business in trading Electronics and House Hold products.
On the CSR front, A.J. Moses Educational Trust named after Dr. J.R. Moses Father supports Students Home where deserving college students are provided accommodation and boarding. Also it runs a service based primary educational school called Genisis Play School.

Arsenal of Services
HECS has been diligently providing efficient consultancy, laboratory and turnkey solutions across various industries from Automobiles, Infrastructure Development, Petro Chemical, Refineries, Cement industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Paper mills, Sugar factories, Nuclear Industries and many more.
The clientele includes names like L&T, NLC, NFC, BHEL, CPWD, Chennai Port Trust, AAI, Apollo Tyres Ltd., Aditya Birla group, TATA group, Reliance Industries Ltd., Himadri Chemicals, JBF Petrochemicals Ltd., Renault Nissan, Murugappa Group, and many others.
HECS not only provides consultancy solutions in terms of environment management and pollution control but also provides high-end designing in water and waste water treatment plants and air pollution control measures.
The services include Environmental Impact Assessment studies, Environmental Management Plans, Risk Assessment studies, Environmental Clearance from MOEF & CC (Central Govt.) and SEIAA (State Govt.), Disaster Management Plan, Environmental Modeling, Ground Water studies and Modeling, Laboratory services and operations and management.
The expert team with over five Doctorates and thirty Post Graduates dedicatedly redeems our clients to their problems related to environment and pollution at the most reasonable price. “We render continuous support to our clients, keep them updated with the latest technology, latest legislations or trends,” adds Dr. J.R. Moses.
The proficiency in the services has led them towards profound glory which includes their collaboration with “Bhaba Atomic Research Centre” and several other research centers.

Path Forward
HECS plans to widen its Global Presence by focusing in South East Asia and Middle Eastern Market. HECS is currently investing in R&D of cost effective waste water treatment.