DbHMS: Infusing New Edge of Technology into Buildings

CIO Vendor “At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions. It is a noble profession.” This quote by Queen Elizabeth II defines the crux of what engineering is. Not every engineering company works on the same idea, but dbHMS Consultants is actually built around the above mentioned quote. The company does understand the significance of innovation and technologybeing infused together. dbHMS,a chicago bassed firm founded by an Indian Mr. Sachin Anand in 2002 expanded to India in 2009 as a consulting company to provide solutions for building systems. Acclaimed for its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs, this consulting company has an inspiring success story to tell. When Sameer Divekarattended Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago for his advance studies, he didn’t know that he would soon be turning his entrepreneurial dream into reality. Allying with his professorand dbHMS founder Sachin Anand, Sameer moved back from USA to start the Indian arm of Anand’s engineering consulting company operational in the U.S.

Within short span of 6 years dbHMS now have offices in Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, dbHMS offers engineering design solutions for buildings. The company majorly provides solutions for energy simulation, MEP designing, and green certification. The firm first carries out building system testing in advance energy simulation tools, simulation studies prior to construction provide important design hints and predicted results. With this it is esy to compare and finalize the most energy efficient solution keeping initial cost low. This remains a mandatory procedure for every project handled by the company.
Detailing the process driven approach adopted by the organization, Sameer says, “Our motive was to use advanced methodologies and tools, but evaluate old techniques that we have in India and come up with a hybrid version of it so that it works in the Indian market.”Sameerbrought a multitude of technologies from the advanced engineering space of the U.S. to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to the businesses in the Indian market. dbHMS aims to indulge inhardcore engineering and deliver innovative solutions which will bridge the gap between new technologies and traditional Indian techniques.

It was Sameer’s urge to bring innovative engineering and efficient organization structure to the table that successfully added to the accolades of dbHMS. He adds, “We brought a new edge of thinking on board. If other conventional consultants propose a system using thumb rules, our system is going to be with solid engineering and backed finantial number crunching with promissed results.”With this approach, dbHMS in past six years has won many prestigeous competitions delivering exceptional solutions for the campuses like Nalanda University, IIT Gandhinagar, and South Asian University. Besides, the company has served several construction companies for building residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial establishments.The company acclaims to have handled 250 green certifications, 300 simulation, and 20 engineering design related projects.
Any success story is incomplete without the team behind the management. dbHMS belives in hihring and training right talent. Right from inception, a concious effort was made to groom young talent in leadership role. dbHMS now has a staff of 40 people and growing further. Mr. Vevaik Mahajan (COO - Engineering) and Mr. Kewal Parekh (Sustainability Head) have been right hand team leads driving the growth along with Sameer.

Like any other new venture, the initial phasefor dbHMS wasn’t all smooth.Convincing clients to implementadvanced technologies which were then new to the industry,was a challenge for them. Besides, the concept of green certifications was also perceived to be expensive by many. Getting rid of these perceptions was surely a challenge for the companyduring the initial years of existence. However, dbHMS’s result driven solutions for energy simulation, MEP designing, and green certification helped it emerge as a trustedengineering consulting company. In the years ahead, dbHMS aims to expand its operations to Asian countries. Besides, the company is also planning to come up with a specialised energy simulation service for architects.