Work Better Training & Development: Imparting Well Thought out Customized Corporate Training

CIO Vendor Corporate training is often a competitive advantage for an organization as it enhances collaborative learning among employees, stimulates interest, increases employee engagement &productivity levels, and helps drive innovation. Given the long term benefits of corporate training, organizations are now realizing the need to build a culture of continuous learning that enables employees to develop deeper and richer skills in their chosen professions. To allay the growing need of enterprises in terms of developing effective learning programs, Work Better Training & Development (WBTD) was started by an enterprising couple who wanted to make a difference in the world of learning & development. Founded in 2008, the company employs a unique, holistic, 360-degree approach to corporate training. It conducts pre-training diagnostics and in-class training sessions followed by post-training engagement tools to facilitate individual development.

Headquartered in Mumbai, WBTD was founded by Swapnil Kamat, Founder, CEO & Chief Trainer and Ruchira Karnik, Co-founder & Head of Business Development. Having been a part of a lot of executive training programs during their respective stints at L’oreal and Elle Decor, the duo was well aware that traditional training methodologies were not only boring but also outdated, mostly ineffective and obsolete. “We found that there was a huge disconnect between what was taught in the classroom and what was happening on the ground. The theoretical concepts passed on during such trainings were dull, trite and mostly one-way lectures with barely any interaction between the trainer and participants”, says Swapnil. Understanding the fact that effective training is the key to professional development and career progress, the duo started by providing training consulting services to corporates. By training on varioustopics on behavior and soft skills, WBTD ensures that the participants have fun, find solutions, explore possibilities, think and learn from each other.

Well Rounded Roster of Services
WBTD provides practical and implementable solutions in its corporate training programs. Armed with expert facilitators, a proven 360-degree approach, and customized solutions, the company engages itself from the early stage. It conducts requirement analysis and develops programs that best suit the training requirements of the client. Pre-and-Post training engagement is the company’s prime service and remains a key differentiator. Additionally, the in-class training sessions provided by the company are unlike the usual classroom lectures with slide shows. Rather, they actively engage participants with their unique delivery methods which include individual and group activities, role plays, and more.
The pre-training engagements such as field visits, assessments and surveys, diagnostic meetings and audits provide the company with an in-depth picture of the client’s requirements. In the process, the WBTD team works closely with a client’s L&D team, business heads, and line managers to develop highly customized content so as to fulfill a clients’ organizational goals. WBTD’s programs on Leading a Team for First Time Managers / Middle Managers, Leadership Development Program for transitional roles, Art of Selling for Salespersons, Customer Service Excellence programs for different levels in an organization, and Time Management & Effective Execution for Personal Effectiveness programs are well recognized in the industry.

Customized training programs imparted by WBTD aid companies to build 'people capabilities’ that meet clients’ business objectives. The trainings ensure maximum impact and retention as the company lays equal emphasis on pre-training diagnostics, the content and different training methodologies and post-training engagements. The post-training engagements that cover a period between 3-6 months include Insights, Practice Plans, Assignments & Projects and an online forum to resolve queries. In this period, the company evaluates participants and provides them certificates based on their credentials.

Since its incorporation, WBTD has trained more than 1 Lakh professionals across 143 organizations, with its trainers spread across 53 cities

Practice what you Preach
Practicing what it teaches in its training programs, WBTD as an organization maintains a fun-filled work environment. The company believes in an open communication culture. Swapnil adds, “The fact that the work we do has a positive impact on people and brings about a change in people’s lives is what keeps the team motivated and keen on doing better every time.”

Staffed with energetic and dedicated trainers, who have diversified experience and are recruited after a rigorous interview process, the organization has come a long way. Started as a young organization operating from a living room, WBTD today operates through two offices in Mumbai and Goa. At present, the company has a long list of prestigious clients which includes names such as HDFC Bank, Deloitte, Axis Bank, Roche Diagnostics, Mahindra & Mahindra, Aditya Birla, NSE, Glenmark, TATA communications,and many more. Since its incorporation, the company has trained more than 1 Lakh professionals across 143 organizations, with its trainers spread across 53 cities.

WBTD prides itself in being the only Executive Training company in the learning and development space in India that employs an in-depth, holistic approach towards training. Swapnil explains, “Our major focus since inception has been to help people become better professionals, and for that we constantly look for ways to innovate and be the best at what we do.” The organization’s zeal to excel in the executive training space, its strong motivation, and clear objectives would definitely help it chart its own path to success in the years to come.