Ican BPO: Empowering the SME Sector by Enabling Success

The early millennium has seen a lot of corporate activities beyond boundaries all across the globe. Globalization that has brought in the concept of a “global village” has empowered the Indian economy to a great extent. India has become a hotspot for Multi National Companies to outsource manpower and services owing to the subsidized labor charges. Business Process Outsourcing or BPO as it is more popularly known has become a major employment sector opening the saturated job market in India and benefitted many corporations to a great extent. While most BPO consultancies cater to the needs of the large corporate houses and Fortune 100 or 500 companies, Ican BPO Pvt. Ltd. extends its adroit services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
SMEs maintain a laser like focus on ROI and prefer taking measured steps after trying and testing and checking how the ROI is. Thus a specialized and flexible dashboard management system is required. Outsourcing dashboard management system hence becomes the most viable recourse. This is when Ican BPO comes into play. With the adept workforce and support, Ican aids to all requirements of the SMEs. Established in 2009 in the trade and commerce capital of India, Mumbai, Ican has evolved as a landmark BPO consultancy.

Enabling Success to clients
Ican BPO is an end-to-end service provider with a primary focus on the SME segment preliminary of North America and Western Europe. For SMEs there is an additional requisition of a quick ROI and turn around be it be implementation and/or kick starting a new marketing strategy. Ican BPO has been a constant rescuer and alter ego ever since its inception. Its “happy to help” approach and total assistance to the clients through the entire life cycle of customer acquisition, engagement and retention has placed it as the most trusted brand for SMEs. “The superior de-risked execution model, extensive use of technology and proprietary customer behavior predictive algorithms are leveraged into a powerful ROI enhancing formula for our clients”, elucidates Nitin Chacko, MD and SBU Head at Ican BPO.
The issue that SMEs confront very often while working with larger centers is the rigidness to do things on the fly and dynamism. Ican initiates the feel of the larger centers but at the same time willing to expedite things and work around to enable our clients realize quicker ROI with unmatched cost benefits. Ican BPO is a professional outfit run by expert and experienced talents, having retail online experience in US and assisting in getting prominence on the Web through Pay per Click (PPC) on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. It is a one stop solution for all call center requirements including and not limited to backend finance and accounting but also payroll and tax management.
Management level interaction and quick access which typically is not available with other centers thereby enabling things to be fast tracked towards betterment of the process or program, adds to the USP of Ican BPO.

Ican’s happy to help approach and total assistance to the clients through the entire life cycle of customer acquisition, engagement and retention has placed it as the most trusted brand for SMEs

CIO Vendor Specialization & Services
Ican specializes in driving revenue numbers for its clients and partners. Apart from this Ican also possesses the key proficiency both in-house and through long term partnerships to drive huge volumes of internet and mobile based traffic. Ican leaves behind the radiance of its services with the companies and businesses it has ever worked. It adds value to the clients and their business enhancing growth and triumph.
Be it retail or healthcare or travel and luxury or finance and accounting, Ican has been rendering its dexterous services to a wide range of domains. The vast array of services include Customer acquisition, engagement and retention, Finance and Accounting practices, Customer lending practices, Technology consulting practices, Asset management, Consumer analytics, Fund accounting, Application processing, Product development, Reservation support, Fraud management, Market segmentation, Medical billing and transcription, Document management, Payment processing, Settlement and reconciliation, Credit rating, Sales and collection, Loyalty program support, Revenue recovery and management, Transaction processing, Allied customer support and the list goes on. The profound and adept services have earned Ican a long roll of celebrated clientele including leaders across various sectors from UK, Australia and US.
Journey and Roadmap
Even though the road seemed unleavened towards the inception owing to difficulty in acquiring a perfect work force, Ican has successfully travelled through the 6 years and yielded fruitful results adding more smiles and fame to its name year after year. Ican has become a brand that SMEs prefer, a landmark for the common to refer and a decisive career for many. In just a little over 6 years Ican has already placed itself in the columns of many reputed magazines and have also been named as one of the “Best places to work 2015” and “Best HR practices 2015”. Ican has had successful client retention YOY.
“We aim to further strengthen our SME based business by adding more in the domains of health care and insurances. We’re keen on growing our businesses in UK and Australian markets. We continue to see very strong demand for our services and plan to grow our current portfolio of business and to double our current size in 2016. We are constantly evaluating businesses for potential partnerships or acquisitions”, expounds Nitin.