HashRoot: Reducing IT Complexities with Cutting-edge IT Advisory Solutions

Given the dominance that IT services has over a wide range of industries, questions such as how to get the most out of each IT application has remained an alluring prospect for businesses. Finding innovative ways to achieve technological excellence along with increasing core competencies is yet another major focus area for businesses. However, organizations may not have the resources to efficiently maintain their IT needs. To cope with these challenges, organizations often turns to technology consultants who specialize in solving these business challenges. HashRoot, an IT consultant, with offices in India, US and UK, is a one-stop IT solution provider that delivers Infrastructure Management, Server/Cloud Management, NOC Services, Security Services, Virtualization Services and Application Development around the globe.

HashRoot helps organizations to assess their needs and plan, thereby implementing the right technology for the goal, budget and timeline

With the tech world’s attention shifting towards harbouring innovation, organizations are powering their technical skills to implement the best ideas that they believe will redefine a section of IT industry. It has led to an increase in new product and services. Still, the real focus is on the development of an enterprise IT environment.The IT infrastructure of organizations should be able to deliver assured performance. Hence, HashRoot is working to bring in quality to a wide variety of issues in their client’s existing IT infrastructure which could be related to service monitoring, data migration and data backup policies, IT security, etc.
Anees T, Managing Director &CEO, HashRoot elaborates, “Many IT companies are formed from one big ‘idea.’After a certain period of time, however, most IT companies often endup at a cross roads where they have to give equal or more importance in maintaining their IT infrastructure than on innovation. Questions like,"Is our IT infrastructure secure?", "Should we move to cloud or not?", "Everyone is talking about BigData. What is in it for us?"etc. arise. This rise in technological trends can certainly build up an excitement level and curiosity among companies. They will start seeking the services required to align these modern technologies to their business strategy. HashRoot helps organizations to assess their needs and plan, thereby implementing the right technology for the goal, budget and timeline.
Services that has Helped the Company Flourish
Founded in 2009, HashRoot provides IT solutions seamlessly for organizations irrespective of their size. Some of the company’s most prolific consulting services are infrastructure management services, NOC (network operation center) services, cloud management, server management, virtualization,Devops, big data, application services, disaster recovery and security & analytics. The firm’s credible Research and Development (R&D) team has attracted clients from various sectors. They design and support emerging IT concepts and technologies, and work as in-house experts to suggest best possible solutions for fine-tuning an organization overall IT and IT-enabled operations.
CIO Vendor With the right team in place, HashRoot is striving to stay ahead of the game. The company has different kind of teams performing different tasks in coordination to achieve a common goal.The teams are divided into Core Team, Coordinating Team, Contingency Team, Ancillary service Team, Support service Team, and Administration/ManagementTeam. Vimal Kumar, Director & CTO, HashRoot says, “Our team is our strength also our reflection. We have attained an edge over corporate competitiveness through various functional, technological and integrated skills of our human talent.”
The emphasis on one-stop solutions act as a key differentiator for the company. The team spends time with clients in the form of discussions to deeply understand and monitor their business objectives. They involve themselves in a relationship processes to handle their network infrastructure and ITsecurity more productively. Creating an entirely practical approach to its solutions, HashRoot tackles a wave of essential IT challenges. Deriving strength from its business expertise, the company’s approach is industry-oriented and is purely in sync with the prevailing market conditions.
Illustrious Achievements and Future Goals
As a leading IT consulting firm, HashRoot has an impressive track record. The firm won the InternationalGoldStarMillenniumAward for ExcellenceinPromotingGlobalIntegration and Economic Development by Korn Dabbaransi, Former Dy. Prime Minister of Thailand in 2015. The firm was awarded the FastestGrowingIndianCompanyExcellenceAward by the IndianEconomicDevelopmentandResearchAssociation(IEDRA) in 2014. It also grabbed the GlobalAchieversAwardforBusiness Excellence for Outstanding Achievements at The International Achievers Summit on "Global Corporate Achievements and Social Responsibilities" in 2014 at Bangkok, Thailand.
HashRoot now incorporated at UK and availed office space at Shoreditch, London for further expansion in European Market. In the years to come the company is planning to expand into the Middle East and African countries.Moving forward, the company aims to innovate in the platform of virtualization and cloud to ensure better services to its clients. They are especially investing in R&Dto reinvent productivity and business procedures, building an intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing. “Our goal is to become a No.1InfrastructureManagementcompanyby2020andtobethebestIT provider for our customers worldwide,” concludes Anees.