DOT1 Solutions: Making Management Services Adaptable and Swift

Every enterprise and entrepreneur nurtures the inherent urge to surge high in their respective industry. However, changing business dynamics and strangulating market competition make it difficult for them to chart out a clear cut strategy for their long term growth. Even for enterprises that have so far been successful in the markets they operate in, adding agility in their existing processes and implementing a business transformation is an intimidating task. Digital transformation and out-of-box innovation are other areas they should work on to shape their businesses. Adapting to technologies such as CRM, E-Commerce, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud is the need of the hour. In addition, focus on sales and delivery strategies, locating new markets and products, and lookout for mergers & acquisitions targets, organizations need to keep adapting to market demands. Management consultants come in handy here, helping enterprises improve their operational efficiency and strategize business transformations.

The consulting team of DOT1 has a strong background in technology, management, accounting and audit, along with certifications such as: Lean Six Sigma, Transformation, Innovation, Project Management and Technology- SAP, Oracle etc

Sanjay Hiranandani founded DOT1 Solutions Private Limited to provide management consulting services to corporate. The company provides value added innovative services that reinforce business transformations and believes in building a strong relation with its customers in the process. Incorporated in August 2014, the company provides Management Consulting, Technology Services and Business Transformation Outsourcing. With a holistic approach, accumulated knowledge and proven products, the company not only serves the customer’s immediate needs but also supports systematic innovation with its strong governance and management of enterprise IT. Sanjay, Management Consultant & CEO, DOT1 says “Our work culture is built on the ideology of ‘Customer First’, driven by the belief in ‘Delivery Excellence’, endorsed with an attitude that reflects ‘Agility’ and focused on ‘Building Trust’.” Charting out the best and correct strategy for improvising on customer’s strengths and weakness is in the DNA of the company.DOT1 caters to several program domains. It includes areas such as business transformation, innovation, process improvement, project management and change management. Through advising, delivering on solutions and optimizing on resources, the company supports its customers’ growth immensely. The consulting services have been divided into various portfolios which include strategic advisory, operations advisory and CIO advisory. Strategic Advisory provides services that include corporate portfolio strategy, business & IT modelling, M&A portfolio strategy & integration, managing transformational change, benefits management, management of value, E-Commerce, content management and CRM consulting. Next, operations advisory offers services such as customer experience management, learning & growth, problem solving and change management. And lastly, CIO advisory offers services such as enterprise IT governance & management, re-aligning IT costs and IT process capability assessment. In delivery service portfolio, the company covers synchronized fulfillments, LEAN and solutions, whereas in optimization engine, the organization’s focus is to Improve, Innovate and Support & Sourcing.
CIO Vendor Currently DOT1 employs a strong team of 30 employees. The consulting team of the company has a strong background in technology, management, accounting and audit, along with certifications such as: Lean Six Sigma, Transformation, Innovation, Project Management and Technology- SAP, Oracle etc. Management Consulting practice leads, at DOT1, are a coming together of leaders who have served global consulting organizations in their earlier avatar.
DOT1’s Research & Knowledge Center is engaged in globally-focused research, and finding objective market insights & analysis. It helps clients transform the way they do business and realize significant performance improvements. Sanjay states, “Our benefits management service portfolio helps organizations remain competitive through Business Process Re-engineering cycles and realize benefits of business transformation.”
Headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Bangalore and Delhi,DOT1 has helped many organizations in their business transformations. One of its clients, a 100+ year manufacturing company that was planning to convert its processes into a profit center by creating a 100 percentConsulting & IT subsidiary, engaged DOT1 to come up with a corporate portfolio strategy that can build the business and achieve operational excellence. Supported by the go-to-market strategy and outside-in approach of DOT1, the client gained a big market share, whilst excelling in systems engineering and IT. As part of the assignment, DOT1 has also conducted "Situational Readiness" workshop, the bedrock of it’s Go-To-Market strategy. DOT1 has also worked closely with client in building business through its Sales Enablement and Delivery Enablement workshops.
Today, DOT1 is acknowledged as a thought leader in Business Transformation Outsourcing and Digital Transformation.
By offering long term vision and benefits driven solutions, the company has so far been working hard to ensure customer success. “By the end of 2017, the company envisions to be a preferred management consulting partner for some of the well-known business houses in the country,” adds Sanjay. The company also has plans to double the number of service products it offers and create a presence in cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. With its innovative marketing strategies, alliances and partnerships, the company plans to triple the program domain and exponentially increase connections and recall in B2B and B2C space. As it marches towards a deserving success, DOT1plans to build a well-recognized mindshare in the identified SMB customer space which they refer to as ‘Enterprise equals Entrepreneur’.