ANB Solutions: Imparting a New Edge to Assurance and Business Advisory

CIO Vendor Technology and quality have evolved as the two most desired and inter-connected terms in the digital age. For businesses of all sizes, irrespective of their areas of operation, it’s crucial to lay emphasis on maintaining quality and perfection in whatever role a business is to play to serve its clients. In the new age, maintaining quality has become a challenge due to the hidden elements that may affect a process. Information security and assurance can be among those sudden hindrances that may occur before any organization moving ahead with its usual operations. Such problems combined with improper strategies and compliance loopholes create the need for business advisory companies. To deal with these problems emerged a futuristic business advisory firm ANB Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 1998, this Mumbai based consulting company holds an extended service portfolio which includes information risk management, assurance, enterprise risk management, business valuation and other advisory services.
Building a Distinguished Service Portfolio
The inception of ANB Solutions dates back to the late 90s, when the founding team considered revolutionizing the thought that technology innovation can create new risk profile for organizations as well as individuals. The team then worked towards validating the scenarios with several leading industry captains. Considering the opportunities that a technology risk management firm could explore in a growing marketplace, ANB Solutions was established. The company was initiated as a small team to deliver solutions for Information Risk Management (IRM) across business verticals. Over the years, with dedicated efforts of its team and result-driven approach, the company evolved to be a leading name in the industry. ANB Solutions today marks its presence all across the globe. At present, the organization has its operations in Australia, Dubai, London and the U.S.A besides India. The fast paced growth attained by the company speaks much about its expertise and technology driven approach. Considering the significance of information for any business entity, ANB Solutions delivers solutions for data security and confidentiality besides cyber security. The organization also deals with regulatory compliances, IT asset protection and management and other related activities. The major next generation frameworks that this consulting firm aims to deal with are information, fraud and enterprise risk management. Detailing the services, Nirma Verma, Associate Director – IRM, ANB solutions said, “Our key services now have a special focus on helping clients address the issues faced from Cyber Security Risk. Cyber Security is an issue, which is faced across the industries including SMEs.”
Zeal to deliver the best
Claiming to be a motley crew of inspired innovators, the team of ANB Solutions brings along credible experience in information risk management, which has made it develop a proprietary IRM model. The company’s IRM model helps businesses transform and upgrade technology and control processes to the next level. This transformation enables organizations to ensure more precision in terms of compliance as well as carrying out best practices without a significant investment. The company maintains an approach that doesn’t just assure exactitude in terms of quality, but also in terms of information security. The company has been able to make it possible with the continuous support of its team of Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Engineers, Cost Accountants, CISAs, CISSPs, ISO Lead Auditors and other professionals.
The excellence ensured by ANB Solutions comes from the expertise of its management team. Each member of the management team brings experience from Banking, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharma and IT/ITES sectors. Besides, the team at ANB Solutions is provided with a culture that imparts a sense of ownership. An unbiased approach, transparent culture and continuous support from the management have always drawn the best out of the workforce at ANB Solutions. Nirma adds, “We are an equal opportunity employer and our goal is to ensure that employees are treated without bias during employment, without regard to their race, religion, sex, colour, age, national origin or physical disability.”

The company’s IRM model helps businesses transform and upgrade technology and control processes to the next level.

An extensive client base across verticals
Garnering a vast client base is one of the major objectives for almost every business, but not every organization can make it happen the way ANB Solutions has done it. At present, the company is dealing with approximately 30 percent of the top ET500 organizations in the country. Over the years, the company has turned out to be a name having been recommended by the CEOs, CFOs and CROs of the leading brands. With its quality centric approach and enriched experience in the advisory sector, the company has garnered a vast client base not just in India, but globally. Some of the clients ANB counts in its clientele are TATA Group, ICICI Bank, Bharti Airtel, Aditya Birla Group, ADAG, WIPRO, Vodafone, J P Morgan and Morgan Stanley. The company also holds a track record of helping banks align and implement their information risk management frameworks. With its team’s collaborative efforts, the company proudly claims for having sustained 10 percent of its client base for over a decade. For delivering high-end advisory solutions to businesses, ANB Solutions has received due recognition since its inception. In the years ahead, the organization aims to continue to add more names to its client base. Considering the contribution of small and medium enterprises (SME) to the economic growth, this consulting company also considers to aid more SMEs so as to enable them grow manifolds with its advisory solutions.