Usha RJ Shrivastava: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in India Achieve Their Dreams through the Right Mindset, Training, & Guidance

CIO Vendor Even though gender equality is recognized to have a positive impact on both organizations as well as the overall economy, women are still found to be under-utilized in both leadership and decision making positions worldwide. Even in India, for years, women have been the victims of the preconceived gender notion and are mostly confined to home and domestic care by patriarchal societal norms. Women's Empowerment through equal opportunities in terms of equal work and pay would enable women to contribute to the country's development.

Keeping the current scenario for women in the country in mind, Usha RJ Shrivastava, a business coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs, especially in the jewelry industry, started Business Sakhi in 2014 to empower women in the country by creating wealth and social good of their passion. From self-discovery and goal-setting to scaling online businesses, Business Sakhi offers a comprehensive range of services to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through the right mindset, training, and guidance while handholding them throughout the journey.

An Inspiring Inception Story
The seed for the firm was sown back in 2012 when a Design Head from Jaipur refused to work under her because she is a woman. This incident had a deep impact on her. “In my professional journey, I have witnessed the dearth of women in top and decision-making positions. Digging deep, I discovered that a deep-rooted lack of confidence often limits our ambitions. While society and family mold us into predefined roles, I firmly believed that with the right training, women would excel in any domain. This belief ignited the idea of Business Sakhi, to empower women, break barriers, and instill confidence”, adds Usha.

While Business Sakhi initially faced skepticism and hesitation due to the prevalent societal norms, the firm chose to let its genuine passion and dedication speak for itself, proving that gender doesn't define success. Over the years, the firm has been able to win the trust of its clients and establish a reputable name in the industry by providing valuable insights and support.

Personalized Attention to Each Client
What makes Business Sakhi stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is its genuine approach and personalized attention to every client.
Each of the courses and resources at the firm is tailored to address the specific needs of each client, ensuring they gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies to thrive in the dynamic world of online entrepreneurship. Most of the clients usually struggle with the fear of failure and lack of confidence, inhibiting their entrepreneurial journey.

Embrace your dreams with confidence, for you are capable of achieving greatness

Driven by its passion to empower women, not just through knowledge but also by instilling confidence, Business Sakhi has been able to create a nurturing ecosystem that fosters real growth and transformation where women get rid of their apprehensions, feel safe, share ideas, and find solutions. Through personalized guidance and mentoring, the firm empowers them to embrace challenges and transform them into opportunities for success.

Over the years, Business Sakhi has proudly served a diverse clientele of aspiring women entrepreneurs from various industries. When asked about one of her most emotionally satisfying client cases, Usha mentions Divya, a passionate jewelry designer who aspired to start her online business. “With the Business Sakhi team's guidance and personalized course on 'Build your online business the Right way!', today, Divya is not only launching her online store but also recognizing her strength, which is designing customized Jewellery not just based on physical features of her clients but also their personality. Now she is working with Business Sakhi to explore this as a full-fledged business model”, Usha adds.

Accomplishments & Future Roadmap
Starting in 2014, Business Sakhi has come a long way in terms of overall growth and client base. The firm was founded by Usha, Sandhya Shetty, and Usha’s parents Rajendra Lal Srivastava and Jaya Srivastava. Since its inception, the firm has experienced steady growth, reaching and empowering hundreds of aspiring women entrepreneurs while achieving a wide range of significant milestones, such as expanding its course offerings, receiving positive feedback from clients, and establishing a strong online presence. An inspiring leader, Usha believes in and fosters a culture of innovation at Business Sakhi by encouraging open communication and embracing ideas from all team members. As a women-centric organization, the firm actively promotes gender equality, providing equal opportunities for women to thrive and contribute their unique perspectives to organizational growth.

Coming to the Future roadmap, Business Sakhi has recently launched its prerecorded courses with live support, as and when needed, for a lifetime. The firm also aims to create an even more comprehensive ecosystem of courses and resources that cater to the diverse needs of women in the online business space. The vision of the firm is to be the go-to platform for aspiring women entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the digital era.