Suprabha Quality Solutions: A Champion in ISO and Quality Management System

ISO and Quality Management systems are gaining immense significance and popularity with the growing services across the corporate sector. Implementation of different certifications and training programs has become indispensable in the corporate scenario. Suprabha Quality solutions, a Bangalore-based ISO and Quality Management consultancy, was established with the sole motive of offering high-end quality solutions to clients belonging to all strata of the corporate sector.

Srinivasa Bhargava, an experienced name in Quality Management had laid down the foundation of his entrepreneurial venture, Suprabha Quality Solutions in the year 2010, out of the urge to come out of the comfort zone to do something of his own. His career in Quality Management Systems started with his 10 years of service at TUV Rheinland, a German company. He owes his expertise and profound experience in ISO, Quality and Audit management to TUV Rheinland, however, he claims to have learnt the fundamentals of quality management while working as a quality consulting manager in the R&D department of a relatively small company in Bangalore.

For the past half a decade Suprabha has been operating in the Quality Management backdrop, it has been providing adept solutions and trainings to help the clients

It was difficult to acquire new clients towards the commencement of the company. Moreover, managing every activity right from posting letters and invoices to offering the consulting solutions, all by himself, kept him on his feet. His work experience with a big company like TUV Rheinland which was a boon also turned out to be a challenge to place himself as the owner and representative of Suprabha which was a newbie in the consultancy landscape.

For the past half decade Suprabha has been operating in the Quality Management backdrop, and has been providing adept solutions and trainings to help clients prosper including
CIO Vendor QMS, Six Sigma, Japanese Quality System - TQM, Lean Production System, Integrated Management System, Process Deployment, Audit, Environmental Management System and Safety Management Systems,etc.

Many corporate clients like Continental Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd., Manipal Hospital (internal auditors training program), Indusaland, Parker Automation Chennai, TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd, Mcafee Software have benefited from the adroit services. While talking about the services Srinivasa Bhargava, Owner and CEO, Suprabha Quality Solutions adds, “At Suprabha, the expert team works ethically and values the clients and their retention. We believe that it is our moral responsibility to provide exclusive services to help them. We take projects only after we are sure that we can render high-end solutions to the clients.”

Suprabha is excelling and heading towards incessant success and prosperity. Bhargava expressed his plan to provide customized training programs and certified quality product engineer (unique training and certification program) where comprehensive design training for engineers with a flexibility in taking up the training program and an evaluation test at the end. As Bhargava rightly says, “Even if you are small in the beginning, bigger dreams can let you achieve bigger goals.” The assiduous efforts of the impeccable talents at Suprabha are driving it towards a luminous future.