Q3edge Consulting: Enabling Quality Through Transparency, Efficiency and Agility

Surveys conducted by General Systems Co. indicate that when a global market consumer is satisfied with quality, he or she tells six others about the product or service; if that person is dissatisfied, 22 others hear about it ! Well, this survey clearly points out that modern customers and organizations are redefining the term ‘Quality’. Quality today means an increase in value as well as right performance, service, design and economy for global customers. This change has lead many businesses to ensure that their products meet specific requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity. However, complying with quality management system (QMS) standards is not plain sailing, even with enough resources available to manage them.

Seven years ago, when Q3edge Consulting, came into Indian market space, it was rewriting the rules of the entire quality management game. Helping clients transform what could be just more paperwork into a productive business tool, today Q3edge’s complete range of consulting services addresses the needs of both business process requirements and technology to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement.

“Q3edge is a combination of our vision and mission. ‘Q’ stands for ‘Quality’; ‘3’ is our mission to enable our client organizations with three important elements ‘Transparency, Efficiency and Agility’ and ‘edge’ stands for ‘Technology’,” explains Amit Chauhan, CEO, Q3edge Consulting.

Understanding the Market’s Pulse
All corporate entities have their own set of working processes irrespective of the size of their businesses. It is their proficiency at providing services that makes a company different from others in the crowd. Incorporated in the year 2009, Q3edge is one such firm that displays skillfulness in its field of work such as business process management (BPM), business process re-engineering and quality standardization. The firm is focused on providing solutions in a faster, economical and more efficient manner; whether it’s upgrading business procedures or diminishing procedure cost.

Q3edge started by meticulously understanding the Indian markets across different industries, today ensures that its clients get the right direction, stimuli and boosters to keep them on the growth track

According to Amit, the firm had to sustain through various ups and downs to become a pioneer in the industry; attracting talent and achieving industry’s trust in their services and values were the two major challenges that the firm had to face in the initial days. The firm that was started meticulously by understanding the Indian markets across different industries, today ensures that its clients get the right direction, stimuli and boosters to keep them on the growth track. “We knew that the only way to handle these challenges is to remain focused and committed to our delivery and value to our customers. In all these years, our efforts to remain close to our customers and generating value through our services, we have earned the trust of our client organizations,” Amit expounds. However, through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation, the firm brings in unmatched business values to its clients.
CIO Vendor Services that Define Quality
Amit believes that, services provided by a firm should be clear and easily assessable. As he adds, “With our services, our client organizations get complete transparency in their process system, easy to communicate and change management system.” Perceiving the true needs of clients and the industry, the firm offers four main business process management (BPM) services; Design, Monitor & Control, Process Simulation & Optimization and Process Automation. From strategy to execution of business processes, Q3edge builds a complete Enterprise Architecture System for the client organizations. Talking about the services Amit adds, “Our dashboard services help client organizations to monitor and control process performance metrics and proactively takes actions to improve process efficiencies”.

Apart from this, the firm helps organizations to transform into Digital Enterprises, so they can differentiate from competitors and better engage customers, partners and employees. Unlike others, this consultancy has a unique approach in assisting the clients by implementing business excellence journey and similar initiatives starting from simple ISO 9000 standard to European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM), Malcom Business Excellence Framework and Deming Journey. Today, Q3edge is a preferred partner for its ability to furnish an apt business process framework, bring clarity in roles and responsibilities, link business goals with process goals for competitive advantages.
Headquartered in Gurgaon and with it’s sales offices at Mumbai, India and Miami, USA and a registered office in New Jersey, USA, the firm lends its ‘Midas touch’ to various industry verticals including Manufacturing, Insurance, Engineering, Telecom, Healthcare among others. “The key to our client service is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge on a global scale,” he adds.

Having been in the industry for the past seven years, the firm provides quality building activities in the most effective and efficient manner across India and overseas. However, assisting its clients to define business processes with appropriate depth of information, with a team of dedicated professionals, the firm brings in more values in delivery and commitment. “Our unique model has been appreciated on various global platforms, including Asian Network for Quality. We strongly believe our success can only be defined by our commitment to delivery,” proudly says Amit.

Q3edge at present is working on business process definition and improvement, but plans to focus on integration of existing application systems and automating the remaining manual operations in the organization. The company also deals with leading global BPM technology partners with an aim to acquire the best technology for its further development. However, with a view to expand in future, Amit concludes, “With the best in class technology platform and our approach, we are ready to take the next step to achieve high process sustainability and compliance for our client organizations.”