Abide Consultancy Services: Offering all-round Solutions to Clients in Certification Services

CIO Vendor The ever growing corporate sector has realized the criticality of ISO certifications and quality assurance practices to run the business more effectively. This has resulted in the budding of numerous consultancies offering certification, liasioning and registration space, yet there is a considerable deficiency in consultancies offering absolute and all-round solutions. This lag fuelled the foundation of Abide Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. in 2007.

A.K.Singh, an industry veteran had been faced with challenges in fetching different vendors for different services during his long service years. He envisioned the need of a consulting firm that could provide an entire array of efficient services with dexterity under one roof. It was a difficult task to congregate experts from different fields of work, managing the vastly diverse workforce and maintaining proper liaison among the different departments, controlling attrition rate owing to a high competition and maintaining the timeliness and commitment in delivering the projects. Abide managed to overcome all these challenges with poise by training the workforce on a daily basis on products, progress, procedure and documentation and developing the working technology and skills recurrently.

Based in Delhi, Abide offers a wide array of services covering almost all industrial sectors. Clients can expect exceptionally adept services in Audit, Registration, Certification, HR Consultancy, Inspection, Outsourcing, Testing, Training, Verification, Liaison and Quality assurance to name some.
The wide range of services under one roof has escorted various celebrated companies in the clientele list. Kodak, Fuji Films, Qnap, HiTech, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Lava International, Genesis and Parle group are just a few of them. The exclusive and highly proficient services have fetched the organization coveted awards like Next Gen Leader Company Award, the Most Promising Company of 2013 and the Best Consultancy Award By the Prime Minister for the next year, in the kitty.

Abide provides services which are rendered by a team of highly professional, meticulous experts who value the time and money of the clients

Though there are numerous consultancies in this sector, clients often meet with difficulties of approaching different consultancies for various certifications and other services. Moreover, authentication, value for commitment and competency of the companies add to the concern of the clients who many a times are failed by the consultancies. Abide provides services which are rendered by a team of highly professional, meticulous experts who value the time and money of the clients. While talking about the unique services provided by Abide, A.K.singh, Director, Abide Consulting Services, explains, “We, at Abide, aim at providing hassle-free services to our clients. We have software which the clients can use to keep a track of the status of the projects with all documentations and quotations maintained in it. Communicating with us is just a click away. This feature is unique not only in India but perhaps in the world.” He also expressed how the successful projects and positive feedbacks from the clients have stirred client acquisition and retention.

Abide Consultancy Services which is a lateral of the Abide Group has successfully launched consultancies like Abide Infotech Services, Abide Education, Abide test house and Abide Dial Services. Abide expects to double its turnover in the next few years. Abide which has branches in China is looking forward to make its presence globally catering to all service areas.