NLPL Group: Building Reputation & Trust in the People of Mumbai

CIO Vendor Today, due to rising urbanization, a huge population is moving to cities which has caused them to be over-crowded. More people need more places to live, and NLPL Group has played a significant role in providing affordable housing stock in the space-starved city of Mumbai. The NLPL Group was established by Nahalchand Laloochand in 1889 as a yarn production company which later furthered into the business of textile mills, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and film processing. In 1979, Rajesh Himmatlal, chairman of the group, entered the Real Estate Sector which today is the mainstay of the NLPL Group in India.

Rajesh Himmatlal is a real estate professional and has been in this business for the past 45 years. A strong headed businessperson from head to heart, Rajesh Himmatlal has aced his way into a career in India and overseas.His perfectionist approach to his profession, his ardour for excellence that goes even to the most junior level, and his competent leadership earns the group its desired image in the market.

Rajesh Himmatlal engages in an exclusive interaction with the Consultant Review Magazine.

Could you tell us about NLPL Group’s role in the real estate sector? Tell us about your brand persona.
The NLPL Group truly believes that upholding trust is the core value of any business. If a commercial entity continuously upholds the trust reposed in it by its commercial partners and customers, reputation is bound to follow. Our brand follows this principle, which in my opinion, is a vital ingredient for long-term success in the real estate business, especially in a country like India, where the common man lacks trust in a Real Estate Developer.

The NLPL Group has earned a reputation of being one of the most trusted brands in the real estate sector in its operating markets. It has successfully provided quality and affordable homes to the middle-class and upper-middle-class segments in the western suburbs of Mumbai, where it has constructed over ten thousand homes in the last forty years.

Who are the target customers? What are the factors that attract them to choose your products?
Our target customers are middle class and upper-middle class flat purchasers whose budget lies between Rs.70 lakhs to Rs.2.5 crores. The reason for their consideration is that NLPL has been known for timely delivery. Only a few projects have been delayed beyond a window of more than three months. Among more than fifty buildings that NLPL has constructed in the past forty years, not a single building is without an official
Occupation Certificate and Building Completion Certificate. The second attraction is quality which is evident in our projects. The third attraction is the reasonable and budget friendly pricing that makes our product the best deal for the money. Lastly, the location of our projects attracts our customers.

Tell us about the innovative technology tools and process that goes into developing your projects. What makes your company a one stop shop for construction project execution?
NLPL is an integrated realtor, which makes it a one stop construction behemoth since it buys land and sells flats, the final product. With a strong technical team of architects, and engineers from various streams, the entire construction process, be it the building or the surrounding infrastructure, is planned and executed by the company's inhouse team.

NLPL also tries to mechanize most of its construction activities and all the required machines are owned by the group itself. In innovative technology, NLPL has a full-fledged Research and Development Department that ensures newer, more efficient and cost effective construction techniques.

Tell us about your expertise in procurement, logistics, and material management.
NLPL uses its huge land bank as a logistics and material management hub. The land bank is used for the company’s in-house concrete batching plant and for storing materials that are occasionally bought wholesale for the entire project. NLPL employs its own equipment like tower cranes, excavators, JCBs, concrete transit mixers, and others to ensure that work is carried out efficiently. Also, since we have a lot of storage space, we can import and stock the materials, especially the finishing materials we require for ongoing projects.

What are the measures you have adopted toward environmental welfare? What is the future roadmap for NLPL Group?
You cannot deny the fact that every construction damages the environment in one way or the other. NLPL understands this principle and we take measures like ensuring minimum wastage of materials and water using ecofriendly materials, ensuring minimum dust and noise pollution, and adhering to all government mandated environmental protection guidelines to mitigate the damage of construction to the environment.

I think the time has come for NLPL to leapfrog into the next bracket of large developers from its current bracket of medium-sized developers. This is because NLPL has built an extensive land bank over the last few decades, which is strategically used for logistic purposes like concrete batching plants, space for storage and maintenance of construction equipment, and labour housing. In today’s market, where timely delivery of projects is essential to survive, this is an edge for the NLPL Group over its competitors. In its current strategy, the NLPL Group wants to concentrate on the Redevelopment sector, which will soon be a major segment of the real estate business in Mumbai. Timely delivery while upholding quality would be the cutting edge for NLPL to be the most preferred real estate developer in a society that prefers redevelopment.

Rajesh Himmatlal, Chairman, NLPL Group
A go-getter and an achiever in the Real Estate and Exchange Business, Rajesh is a strong headed business person strengthening the Real Estate development sector.