Narains Luxury Properties India: Trailblazing Innovation & Excellence In India's Luxury Real Estate Sector

CIO Vendor The luxury real estate market in India has been on a rapid growth trajectory over the past few years, and this unprecedented growth has presented many lucrative opportunities for today’s real estate developers, investors, and consultants. But back in 1971, when Devendra Narain founded ‘Narains Property Consultants’ a brokerage firm in the realty sector in South Mumbai, only networking, client referrals & market knowledge was the key to success. From humble beginnings, today under the leadership of Chetan D. Narain and his younger brother Sanjeet Narain, the firm has been successful in spreading its wings across not just Mumbai but all Indian & International major cities and tying up with multinational clients through various affiliations.

With over 34 years of experience in the real estate domain, Chetan has been enabling the firm to remain at the forefront of industry evolution, maintaining its success by staying ahead of the curve. He made it possible for ‘Narains’ to be the first company to launch a comprehensive real estate website in India in 1996 and buy 12 real estate domains in Mumbai for operational and expansion purposes in year 2000. Till today the Group stands as a veteran in its sphere and positions itself miles apart from its competitors because of its deep-rooted ethical values, zest for customer satisfaction, and technology that is adapted into all its operations.

I firmly believe that when we empower, we make sure that our executives have complete freedom & the right to make decisions for themselves

Narains Luxury Properties India(NLPI)a part of Narains Group, has emerged as a distinguished player in this sector and its innovative approach has enabled the company to adapt to the changing demands of the market and provide customers with unique solutions. NLPI’s latest website is a testament to its commitment to innovation.

“With a user friendly backend that allows realtime updates, the company can make changes to images or content self written & via AI technology with just a few clicks, giving it a competitive edge in a fast-paced market where responsiveness and agility are crucial. The company's strategic vendor partnering, outsourcing, and cooperating broker services are also top-notch, leveraging its extensive network to connect clients with the best resources in the industry”, says Abir Narain who’s now a third generation professional in the family business.

Let’s hear it from Chetan as he speaks about the company

How do you evaluate the current market landscape of Real Estate Consultants in India? What are the major gaps you see in this domain?
Real Estate Consultants in India that I have known, met, and interacted with seem to have a very micro vision; they generally see the property market through the lens of what is happening in their local domain. While they all wish to grow, they have limited themselves to micromarket segments. I believe that understanding macro influences that affect the market and working across segments can help them have better leads and positions as real estate consultants. In order to grow, they have to expand their market.
What are the challenges that your clients usually come up with? Also, how does NLPI mitigate its clients’ pain points?
Our biggest challenge is when clients come to us without having a location preference for their property making our spread larger logistically. We are currently handling a requirement for an executive leader of an MNC for a lifestyle & luxury rental home. Their location spread is from Worli to Bandra in Mumbai, which on the face of it seems simple and narrowed down, but by way of inventory remains a challenge. However, we eventually understood their needs and taste and filtered them down to just three potential properties. Many such scenarios have been handled expertly by our team because of our up-to-date knowledge of the market inventory, which I believe is extremely crucial to being successful as a property consultant.

Mauritius population is 52 percent Hindus & feels like we are in a cleaner & more civilized version of India, surrounded by clear blue water. I feel Mauritius has a bright future ahead for Work – Live – Play!

What makes NLPI different from its competitors in the industry?
We listen to understand! Placing the client's needs is at the core of our business. We conduct thorough & accurate site visit valuations and property condition assessments providing clients with reliable insights for investment decisions. Our connections with property owners, trust, ethics, and transparency make it easier and more convenient for our clients in getting their desired spaces.

How do you harbor innovation among your employees?
In my view, innovation & adaptation is the key to the growth & success of any company and business. As a per severant, I have this constant urge to stay on top of my game through technology and innovative ideas. I encourage and empower my team to keep looking at new ways of personal/team growth and build new ideas that are acknowledged and appreciated by our clients.

We are an incentive driven firm and for our team, incentives work as their motivation to deliver successful outcomes. Also, I dis like it when people use the word ‘Empower’ and yet try to control every move of their team members. As a humble leader, I firmly believe that when we empower, we make sure that our executives have complete freedom and the right to make decisions for themselves.

How has been NLPI’s growth since its inception? Mention a few milestones achieved by the firm.
Over the years, NLPI has worked with many reputed clients and big wigs of the industrial world including Banks like Citibank, HSBC, HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, and Birlas. Consulates to name a few: American, British, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, France and many others. Pharma & manufacturing companies: Toyota, J W Marriott, Hindustan Lever, Wipro, Bajaj Auto. Sports and Film Industry Celebrities and many more.

A true manifestation of luxury, our inventory in Mumbai include beachfront lifestyle homes on the coastal line sea facing ultra luxury apartments, duplexes, penthouses to magnanimous sky villas with terraces at Juhu, Bandra, Worli, Malabar Hill & Cuffe Parade/Colaba with incredible views and land/plots for private buildings. Our recent milestones include large land deals in Goa. Our most recent Ocean Front Luxury Homes marketing is in Phuket & Mauritius, with some of the most exceptional handpicked properties.

What is the future destination NLPI is heading towards?
Being open minded to new Locations, Cities & Countries is the first thing that comes to mind. We perhaps are the only home grown/local firm in India that is working on International Luxury Properties in Phuket & Mauritius. We have a very close association with Developers in Mauritius & plan to be an integral part of the Economic Development of Mauritius in the near future. We are already in talks with a leading Pharma Company from India, who wish to move lock, stock & barrel. Also a few HNI clients of ours who are looking at migrating. Mauritius population is 52 percent Hindus and feels like we are in a cleaner & more civilized version of India. Being almost an oval Island Country, it’s surrounded by clear blue water. I feel Mauritius has a bright future ahead for Work Live Play!

We are looking forward to working in cities like Ahmedabad (GIFT City), Pune, Panchkula and Bangalore. We have offers coming from several prominent global property brokerage firms to take an equity stake in our firmbut we wish to continue growing independently and increase our company valuation through sincere & high quality work. We are happy to look at a Merger with a larger and reputed global entity in times to come.