TAK Consulting: A Brand Renowned for 'Walking the Talk!'

CIO Vendor With highrise construction on the rise, especially in urban markets across India, demand for quality and customized vertical transportation solutions has taken center stage in the real estate industry. Developers across the board have realized the innumerable challenges associated not only with planning & installing elevators in their highrise developments but also in determining the right vendor or contractor to be able to address the vertical transport problem at hand and provide an efficient and effective solution in the given budget constraints. Therefore, developers & clients are now seeking vertical transportation consultants to be able to avoid unforeseen risks and additional costs at a later stage.

Headquartered in Mumbai, TAK Consulting is one of India's leading vertical transportation consulting companies. TAK Consulting is driven by the mission to facilitate successful construction projects through their commitment to safety and quality. Offering consultancy for traffic analysis, design, project, service and modernization of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, TAK Consulting covers the end-to-end consultancy for the building transportation systems.

Talking about how the market has evolved over the years, TAK Mathews, Principal Consultant, mentions, "In the last twenty years, manufacturing capability in the vertical transportation industry has grown by leaps and bounds. In India there are many majors now as compared to one or two big players who dominated the industry until the turn of the century. However, the growth in the industry has not been accompanied by sufficient investment in field and technical training. Moreover, an increasing dependence on subcontracting leads to safety and quality being compromised at times. The gap is bridged by the elevator consultant who brings in the expertise and provides the interface between the elevator company and the client. Needless to say, an important prerequisite is that the consulting firm should have the necessary technical expertise and be familiar with latest technology and practices. We at TAK Consulting ensure that we bring both to the table with every project we undertake".

Constructing Excellence Through Experience & Expertise
P J Antony, Techno commercial Director highlights that construction of tall buildings comes with a lot of challenges, elevatoring being a primary pain point for developers across the board. Planning for the elevators needs attention at a very early stage of building design and before the core of the building is finalized. The general misconception of a one size fits all approach often leads to problems like cost, space, technology, safety concerns at a later stage.

Therefore, the team at TAK Consulting work relentlessly to ascertain the risks before hand & overcome unforeseen challenges faced by the building construction industry to recommend innovative solutions whilst keeping the constraints in mind. Covering the entire life cycle of the building transportation systems, some of the services offered by TAK Consulting include Configuring and traffic analysis, Specifications and Procurement process, Installation and Project Consultancy, and Service Process. Moreover TAK Consulting also provides other value added consultancy
services for Modernization and Replacement, Configuration Adequacy audit/Technical Audit as well as Training.

The team at TAK Consulting started offering client education & training as many builders and designers did not recognize the complexities of designing & constructing highrise buildings. The elevatoring of a 60-floor building could not be addressed in the same way as that of a 20-floor building. The leadership at TAK helped to educate the client on aspects such as traffic patterns, safety issues, evacuation plans, and so on. TAK Consulting have been pioneers in introducing the latest tech in elevatoring. Co-Founder TAK Mathews mentions, "We worked on the first 6mps elevators installed in the first 60+ floor building to be completed in India - this project was a huge learning experience for all the stakeholders. Nothing of this scale had ever been attempted before. The challenges before us increased because we were brought in after the construction started and few changes could be made to the design. Adequate dimensions had not been provided for high speed lifts and the design had to be evolved within the constraints. We optimized within the constraints and achieved the desired level of service to be provided".

TAK Consulting is driven by the mission to facilitate successful construction projects through their commitment to safety and quality

Building a Strong Future
With humble beginnings in the year 2005, TAK Consulting has witnessed an exponential growth through their stringent adherence to Quality, Ethics and Safety, enabling them to stand out and succeed in the industry. Now the firm boasts a repertoire of over 500 completed projects and over 100 satisfied clients, with a roast of reputable clients including Godrej Properties, Hiranandani Group, Reliance Industries.

Shedding light on what keeps the team at TAK Consulting on their toes and future plans for the company, Nalini Raghavan, Director, says, "The driving force through the years has been our intellectual capital and our hands-on experience. We ensure that we keep abreast of the technological and process advancements in the industry. Our Principal Consultant, TAK Mathews is a representative on the P-4 panel of the ET25 committee constituted by the Bureau of Indian Standards for rewriting the Elevator & Escalators Codes. He is the Convener of the Panel for writing the codes for Installation of Lifts and Escalators, CED 46:P16 for the National Building Codes.

Now that we have successfully established ourselves as pioneers in the field, we hope to introduce new technology advances in the near future for our projects in India (such as double deck elevators and the TWIN elevator). Moreover, we have also executed projects in international markets including Africa, Middle East, and South Asia, and we are working to expand to other countries as well”.