IP Dome: Promising Powerful Solutions for IP-led Growth

CIO Vendor Currently engaged as the CEO of IP Dome, Hariprasad Karnam is known for providing strategic IP solutions to organisations that are poised to enter the exciting Indian market for manufacturing. With IP Dome, he believes he is extremely privileged to be providing strategic IP services to the industries and corporations who are entering India. The firm's strategy solutions are designed to empower entrepreneurs and enterprises to integrate an IP vision into their projects.

Attractive growth rates and greater opportunities to create a sustainable impact, coupled with an abundance of technical talent and a dynamic SME sector, have generated an environment where collaboration and co-creation of the next generation of technology solutions are not only possible but profitable. Acknowledging this scenario IP DOME Strategy Advisors is a pioneering business organization that was incepted on the belief of enabling sustainable IP-led business models that work in specific geographies, while enabling integrated global strategies. Owing to the company's commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings, IP DOME has been able to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but has also created a niche for themselves in the market.

One-stop Solution Provider
Adding more about the IP services industry in India and IP DOME's inception, Hariprasad Karnam who is the CEO of the company says, "The behavioral characteristic of intellectual property is different in India when compared to other countries in the West. With the advent of globalization, many international companies wanted to start their operations in India and they wanted the IP laws to be more stringent in the country. This has led to IP being treated as a litigation tool to control the competition as well as a way to ensure that the company's technologies as well as their brand is protected.

Seeing the gaps as well as immense potential in the IP domain, we started our operations in 2009 with the strategic intention of facilitating IP related services at the Intersection of the Law, Lab and the Market. We help our clients to design strategies and help the businesses to take informed decisions. We started rendering IP strategy services early on and we were one of the first in India to offer this service. Through these services, our clients are able to tap into a plethora of licensing opportunities which helped them to increase their revenue as well".

"IP Dome enables companies, technology-led businesses, inventors and research institutions, to identify and protect their intellectual creations and also facilitates refinement, production design and monetisation of IP to their increase profitability. Our team relies on creative engineering of the business to solve issues or satisfy needs of clients and stake-holders. We have brought together the best talent in Business Strategy, IP Services and Legal Strategy to provide clients with a seamless integration of the three basic support services to achieve business goals and success in entrepreneurship.

Our technical team provides world class patent and IP search & analysis, thereby reducing risks of challenges to commercialisation by competition. IP Dome has partnered with various clients in their efforts to develop, protect
and exploit their full IP potential, The domains of such partnership include: a) IT Security and Encryption, including secure fund transfer processes b) Mobile Telephony, including secure m-commerce processes;c) Biotech processes, including tissue culture and industrial microbiological processed) Medical Devices and e) Nanotechnology applications in Medicine & Environmental Safety states Hariprasad”;.

To cater to the varied requirements of their clients, IP Dome has created a diversified service portfolio that includes a) IP Strategy IP DOME believe that IP is not merely a tool for litigation but more a mechanism for collaboration. IP Dome helps their clients to understand that IP exists is to increase their revenue through multiple avenues including licensing, monetization, commercialization and collaboration. To get best results, IP DOME understands the business objectives of their clients and lays down an IP pipeline for the future as well;b) IP Filing and Protection Protection of IP in the emerging markets involves a well crafted long term global strategy.

IP DOME files and prosecutes patents, copyrights, trademarks, design and GI applications in 149 countries; c)Global Advisory- International filing, in addition to protecting IP Rights in target markets, IP Dome also helps in broadening the scope of patents, and enhancing the value of the IP portfolio d) Contracts and Licensing At IP DOME, clients are supported in licensing and commercialisation of IP by ensuring that IP is safe from the ft, unauthorised usage and unintended risks from both within the enterprise, and when clients are discussing IP with potential commercial partners ;e) R& D Support The IP DOME pipeline is a platform for the R& D team. The platform alerts the team to the requirements of prior art search, monitoring and contractual obligations. In addition the pipeline provides means for the legal team, the finance team, the strategy team and the market team to provide input at appropriate points, preventing wastage of time and funds and f)Decision Support- IP DOME analysts and strategists are trained in studying trends, using business intelligence and online data repositories, to provide clients with actionable data and information.

To ensure that their clients get the best value for money services, IP DOME has created a world wide network of lawyers, funding consultants, business strategists and market strategists

Customer-centricity at its Finest
To ensure that their clients get the best value for money services, IP DOME has created a world wide network of lawyers, funding consultants, business strategists and market strategists. A dedicated coordination platform ensures that clients feel supported at every point in the commercialisation pipeline. Strong personal relations with their associates and partners enable the company to provide a seamless experience to their clients, be they corporate entities, startups, SMEs or inventors in an institutional environment.

Adding more about some of their biggest projects and future plans, Hariprasad says "Over the years, we have been able to work on a number of revolutionary projects including- a)developing an IP tool kit for the UK IP office for UK companies entering the Indian market and b)reporting on rationalization of trade licensing project for Municipal authorities in Tamil Nadu that helped them to improve their efficiency and raised their operational standards. Going forward our aim is to expand our operations globally but still have local wisdom. This will help us to not only develop into an international player, but it can also help us to cater to individual clients with a highly localized approach that can generate better results. To achieve this, we are already looking at expanding into the US and Singapore and Germany".