Bramma Learning Solutions: Adding Value to SMEs through Innovative Strategies

CIO Vendor Small business owners are acclimated to making all decisions of the company as well as supervising all aspects of business development and day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, they may struggle to recognize concerns that only outsiders can objectively notice and comprehend. In such circumstances, business development consultants might lend a helping hand to SMEs.

A. R. Ranjith founded Bramma Learning Solutions in 2009, intending to establish an enhanced community of individuals who are aware of their infinite potentials that surpasses the boundaries of their intellectual ability, allowing them to live an integrated life of wide ranging achievements. Bramma aspires to develop barrier-free organizations that strive to provide the best for clients, the workforce, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Elucidating the inception ideology of Bramma Learning Solutions, Ranjith, the CEO says, "While working as a Sales Manager at Med Life, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the Kerala government on a PCS-related project. The initiative focused on improving government operations in places like village offices, registrars, government schools, and other government institutions. The project, which was directed by TCS and supervised by seasoned consultants, gave me great exposure as a new consultant. Furthermore, my interaction with Sajeev Nair, who was already engaged in a training course for entrepreneurs, using his innovative TPR approach, changed the direction of my destiny of becoming one of Kerala's greatest trainers. Business owners expressed a strong propensity for something to be done to improve the efficiency, consistency, and process orientation of their firm. As a consequence, the ground-breaking thought of establishing a consulting business specialized in addressing the SME sector developed".
Reiving on Multi-Dimensional Services
Bramma serves customers in several aspects, including Business Process Re-engineering, Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Branding Plans varying from its most basic to one of the most comprehensive, Investor Proposals, and Investor Information Memorandums for individuals wanting to launch a company.

In Kerala, most corporate companies are people driven, which means they are propelled by the excellence of a single individual. They don't have the proper financing, purchasing, quality, or human resources policies in place. With no HR policy, no individuals will ever stay in a company, and there would be no growth in the organizational cultural component. For these personnel, there is no defined system or standardized operating protocol in action.

Bramma creates and implements policies, strategies, and operational procedures for organizations

Bramma creates and implements policies, strategies, and operational procedures for organizations. Process definition is meaningless unless you have the appropriate technology or system that works to keep a record of it. Policies degrade into waste in the absence of a well-functioning mechanism, rendering methods ineffective. Bramma also provides training services, that include its flagship curriculum CBL as well as many entrepreneurial and corporate training courses. They have also created Bramma CME(Continuing School of Management Education), where various courses for companies and aspiring entrepreneurs are held.

Bramma's USP is its outbound training, and well known firms such as Manorama, AVT, Apollo Tires, and Birla are some of the prominent clients of the company. Furthermore, Bramma intends to begin a new program for entrepreneurship coaching in schools and universities in the next academic year. "We hope to positively impact both people and companies. And therefore, are actively working on projects in Bengaluru and Chennai, with plans to extend across the country. In addition, we have ambitions to generate franchisees and expand our footprint to the Gulf Coast. Bramma's ambition is to be India's leading small and medium-sized business consulting organization", concludes Ranjith.