Accelerate Management Consulting: Your Go-To Place for Strategic Management Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, there are numerous companies in India which could produce competitive-cost products but they severely lack knowledge and resources when it comes to Safety, Quality systems and Continuous improvement culture. With 25 years of experience in Management and Strategy consultancy, Accelerate Management Consulting knew these issues can result into a globally uncompetitive business. These shortcomings can prove too risky to overlook for businesses when keeping long term business viability perspectives in mind. With the government's introduction of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat movement, it was realized that an organization was needed that could handle these shortcomings and launch MSMEs in the right direction of lean manufacturing. Lean Management and Lean Production systems have the potential to make industries globally competitive if they imbibe these systems into their operations, and Accelerate Management Consulting is one such solution provider working with a vision to be a trusted partner to its clients for achieving accelerated growth by imparting best improvement technique.

Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks
The road to becoming a trusted name in this industry was not a simple one for Accelerate Management. While Accelerate management consulting was equipped with talented and educated team, the core challenge faced by the organization was convincing management about the need for change and how the Enterprise Lean Six Sigma(ELS) would help companies become more competitive. This was also an issue because ELS is a long term commitment.

"It needs a persistant commitment from all the stakeholders of business and
leadership has to be ready to look beyond the short term objectives. At the same time, it needs investment in terms of time and energy from shopfloor leaders. This was quite a big ask and not all organizations were willing to make that commitment", says Sandeep.

After succeeding in convincing some companies and bagging some clients, Accelerate Management identified that their clients face certain common issues and took to resolving those through a structured approach. Lower Productivity, Inconsistency of Quality, Cost Competitiveness, Workplace Management, engaging workforce in value added work, as well as integration of various business processes, are some very common issues they tackle. Accelerate Management is able to tackle these issues head-on through targeted methods including Lean Assessment and Benchmarking, providing a structured approach in Manufacturing organization, Implementation of manufacturing excellence (Lean, Six Sigma, and TPM), Competency Building, Quality, and EHS System Implementations, Developing future leaders and other forms of focused project-based consultancy.

Catering to a variety of industries including FMCG, Food and Packaging, Chemicals, Paints and Coatings, Pharma and Construction Chemicals, Accelerate Management is providing a range of consultancy services to boost productivity and enhance management in companies.

"We believe that all business trans-formations are sustainable only if the organization develops an internal competency to drive the daily Continuous improvement and we focus on developing these competencies. Our focus is to make ourselves dispensable by developing a competent team to take the progress forward", adds Sandeep.

Plans for Near Future
Having a clear cut idea of the kind of future they want to lead the company into, Accelerate Management sets very specific goals for growth in the near future. To ensure long term and sustainable growth for itself as well, Accelerate Management is currently seeking to expand its team with suitable new employees who match the expectations of the firm. They are also planning on entering the ISO and certifications areas which would be essential for the company. Additionally, since competency development holds such critical importance to sustain and accelerate the gains from lean implementation, they are currently developing and soon launching a platform that would provide professional training to Accelerate Management's clients and the workforce.