Client Alley – Private Wealth Management: The Future Leaders in the Private Wealth Management Arena

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on the Indian economy indicated that India will be surpassing China to become the fastest-growing major economies in the world in 2015-16.In coming decades, India’s economic performance is forecasted to be at par with the world’s largest economies. According to a PwC report,India by 2030 is set to be tagged as the world’s third largest economical power. The broadening share of investable wealth is a sign of the impressive times ahead. Resulting in growth opportunities for every industry sector, and Wealth Management is no different.

Wealth management is one of the fastest emerging industries of the country.In wealth management services, wealth managers provide the core expertise as they implement strategies allowing individuals or corporations to achieve their financial goals. Understanding these responsibilities of a financial advisor and with an eye for excellence Private Bankers NitinAvasthi and Achin Jain founded Client Alley – Private Wealth Management in 2014. Client Alley – Private Wealth Management is a thriving wealth management organization specializing in Private Account Investment Management. The company’s major presence is in Tier 2& Tier 3 cities where there has been a constant lack of trusted wealth management firms. The HNWI’s are now in sizable count in those cities and the company has been laser focused in providing them appropriate financial products and services.

With a dedicated approach to do quality work, Client Alley has risen through the ranks to establish itself as a leading provider of world class services in the arena of private wealth management

The company through its modern investment models and strategies constructs portfolios that specifically meet the Clients individual financial needs. Nitin Avasthi, Co-Founder of Client Alley says, “Our vision is to make ourselves capable enough to fix the status quo and present challenges that the industry face while servicing High Net Worth individuals.” With a dedicated approach to do quality work, the dynamic company has risen through the ranks to establish itself as a leading provider of world class services in the arena of private wealth management. Achin tells, “It has always been our endeavor which we have been pursuing religiously for more than 5 years to set and plan an organization with an aim to do quality work in the wealth management arena.”Keeping in mind the investment style of clients, possible returns, existing investment patterns, saving patterns, the company does extensive analysis to get them the best financial services and products. Niitn adds, “Our main purpose is to satisfactorily service the client's wealth in line to his/her expectations and requirements.”
CIO Vendor Deriving the Best Possible Financial Solutions for HNWIs
The perception of HNWI clients in tier 2 tier 3 cities towards investment products developed with modern marketing concepts has never been very encouraging. Investors often believe that these products are yet to be market tested. They oversee an unidentified risk factor involved in it that can possibly have a negative impact on their future financial goals. So, in majority of instances, they cautiously stick to traditional investment products.To break these notions of HNWI Clients, the company patiently addressed every concern, procured a result oriented approach and worked tirelessly that opened up a brand new source of financial benefits for them. Over the years, the company’s diligence, perseverance and a running motive of providing true wealth management services has kept bringing in new business.
Client Alley’s immaculate professionalism is an added advantage to the company. Achin says, “We have kicked off with proper planning and professionalism in all parameters to provide clients timely services and response. We have never hesitated to show the bitter facts of markets and have been more transparent in showing the cons and then the pro. We have always believed in under commitments and over deliverance.”

The company primarily caters to HNWI clients which has been their main strength. As the wealth management industry is evolving, we can see a number of players dealing with HNWI’s but Client Alley is strongly positioned due to its uniquely personalized services. The company’s complete focus on providing a personalized service experience to clients has helped them underst and their needs very closely. This attribute as we know holds the key in every customer centric service, more so in the private wealth management industry. When managing investment portfolios, the company draws on the immense expertise of its 38 member team. Client Alley posses a diversified team from different backgrounds such as banking, broking, insurance, media, real estate and hospitality.

Client Alley continues to live up to the expectations of delivering trust and confidence by constantly working towards building lifetime relationships with clients. The young company is performing exceedingly well, prioritizing transparency in all their financial services, and developing as a leader in the market space. Headquartered in Dehradun, it achieved the Fastest AUM Growth in the State of Uttarakhand. In the years to come, the company is striving to move into technological innovations on a larger scale. “We will focus on innovating at the technological front and want to make ourselves a system based technology driven organization,” concludes Nitin.