PM Excellences Services: Taking Control in Project and Risk Management

CIO Vendor Every new beginning is associated with risks; business and technology are no exceptions. With every new investment made and every strategy adopted, companies become exposed to numerous new risks. It is during such occasions that organizations, irrespective of their size,may need to call for expert counsel in managing their risks. PM Excellence Services, a project and risk management consulting organization, is on a path to help clients establish improved predictability and control in their IT Portfolios.

Realizing the market potential in IT Portfolio Management and Risk Management space in the Middle-east and India, Sujith Kattathara Bhaskaran, the Founder and CEO of PM Excellence Services, set the founding stones of his expert consultancy services in Kochi Kerala,towards the end of 2014. With impeccable expertise and experience of over 24 years of working with some of the biggest names such as Boeing, IBM, and TCS, he developed the idea of management enablement from an entrepreneur’s perspective. The tagline of the company – “pmExcell. Take control.” says it all – Their services are all about establishing predictability & control in management, leveraging core project management processes & techniques.

When implementing their Business and Information Technology strategies, companies are impacted by a multitude of challenges, be it business process-, technology-, or operations-related. During the implementation of strategic programs and projects, one outcome that is being more frequently encountered is that of Black Swans–a metaphor that describes an event that is unforeseen, has a significant impact, and is only rationalized after the fact using hindsight.
McKinsey, in 2012, determined that fully 17% of large IT Projects (>$1M) turn into Black Swans – that is, run into cost overrun situations of 200% and more –sometimes challenging the continued survival of the company.

At a relatively lesser level of impact, the lack of appropriate visibility and controls into Project Portfolios also have significant impacts on companies market positioning, profitability, and shareholder value. In this context, the misalignment between Business and IT functions plays a major part in the success of projects & portfolios.

PM Excellence Services has developed methods and techniques that are based on global studies and best practices in project management, as well as on their own deep expertise in the space

Companies are also frequently hampered in their quest for growth by the lack of appropriate systems and processes. PM Excellence Services has developed methods and techniques that are based on global studies and best practices in Portfolio Management, PMO Management, Project Management and Organizational Project Management, as well as on their own deep expertise in the space.

The company is working on two fronts at this time: Development of a Social media brand, and development of business pipelines. Sujith makes it a point to be active on social media to generate a strong online presence, and also to connect with prospective clients via social media. He publishes his own blog regularly on the company blog site, and also publishes often on LinkedIn and Google+. As an outcome of the social media branding & customer reachouts, the fledgling company has landed several new business deals world-wide.

Though new, the company is making steady steps to business success in India as well as in the Middle East. PM Excellence Services is well on its way to become a favorite brand in the project and risk management space.