Local Forever: Leveraging Digital Marketing Tactics To Steer Your Business Towards Greater Growth

CIO Vendor Today, businesses are more competitive than ever before. Irrespective of your sector, there is always the challenge of finding new customers or retaining the old ones you have. You do this via marketing; depending on your sector, potentially lots of targeted marketing is the key to staying engaged with your target audience. While marketing costs money and time to deliver effectively, it is easy to waste money with average, mistargeted, or inefficient marketing. You can do your own marketing as a business owner or manager; however, this takes time and consistent efforts, time that you could better invest in improving the business or simply focusing on your day job. Marketing is one area where additional assistance could be beneficial. Hiring a consultant is expensive, but it can have a significant impact in the long run. Established with an intent to empower businesses, Local Forever is a young firm backed by the rich expertise of marketing industry expert Jiten Thakkar (Director & Founder, Local Forever).

Set-up during the time of covid & lockdown, Local Forever was built to serve the majority of small businesses that had a big impact due to cashflow disturbance, unable to function & majorly due to not being able to pivot their business model or business/lead generation from Offline to Online. "The dynamics of the sales and marketing industry are bound to change from time to time, but especially in this pandemic, the focus has shifted to using digital marketing strategies to target the audience which are currently spending more time online. As a result, our company has seen an upward trending growth chart due to the increase in demand of online pivot and businesses putting efforts to come out of the stagnancy”, says Jiten.

With its vision and mission to empower small businesses with easy offline to online conversation as well as Local & Digital Marketing services, the firm is vesting its focus on supporting local businesses in a way where they get the best Return On Investment (ROI) while being prepared for the future time and adapting the online growth model.

Jiten Thakkar - An Expert to Rely on
An expert in marketing with over a decade of experience in this fascinating field, Jiten is recognized amongst India's top digital marketing consultants. His strategic marketing approach in providing social media strategy, google my business services, link building strategies, call to action plans, performance marketing campaigns, and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have proved highly efficient and very successful for businesses year after year. He became a role model for others who aspire to achieve this knowledge & accomplishment and be the recognized digital marketing strategy consultant.

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Jiten has a solid marketing experience of over 12 years. His knowledge and experience in this sector are the reason behind the success of a digital marketing consultancy. Jiten has a sharp eye for marketing and branding, and he’s used social media marketing and branding techniques that have contributed to building his brand image and establishing a strong reputation, earning him a spot as one of the top social media consultants as well. He has produced many ripples in the tranquil waters of social media. Jiten’s passion has allowed him to carve out a position for himself as India’s leading digital marketing guru.

His industry knowledge and passion have wowed other marketing firms and known social media specialists. A digital marketer turned entrepreneur, he is the founder of Local Forever, which is the one-stop solution that helps businesses to get offline to online by providing marketing services, promoting brands, and ultimately helping local businesses as well as individuals, establish their online presence along with attaining desired results in a limited time. Jiten’s way of working distinguishes him from other top digital marketing consultants. Many influential people and companies abroad agree and follow in his footsteps. Known for using trending tools and techniques but relying on manual efforts for a successful digital marketing campaign, Jiten leaves no stone unturned to help brands position themselves in all search engines and generate trust in the market, making him the local SEO expert. Jiten has also published a book called ‘Marketing Digital Marketing’,available in paperback & ebook on Flipkart, Amazon & many other shopping & publication sites. The book was launched in 2019 with an intent to help aspiring digital marketers get started with the concepts and practical ways they can sell their digital marketing services.
Being a top digital marketing consultant in Mumbai, Jiten is known to suggest advanced tactics that social media marketing companies would recommend for your business to attain long term success. Being a fully customeroriented and certified SEO specialist, Jiten strives towards a mission to give wings to the customer’s dreams and ideas. To build up your trust with the client, he offers services that not only keep up the client’s online presence but ensure a good ROI.

Offering a Gamut of Quality Services
Today, the biggest challenge that most small businesses come across is finding a way to get their business online in the easiest and fastest way possible. Along with this, how to reach the target audience to increase business opportunities has always been a concern. Local Forever is addressing these pain points by giving full web packages for small and local businesses, including getting their business online and various Local Marketing strategies. The firm has a systematic combination of organic and paid local marketing techniques, which tend to differ from client to client, which has been proven to increase the business opportunities and have good ROI.

A Growth Centric Digital Specialist, Jiten Thakkar Strives Towards A Mission To Give Wings To The Customer’s Dreams And ideas

“Currently, we are offering end-to-end website services, digital marketing services & core specialty is in Local Marketing Services. We intend to launch web applications and mobile applications as our services shortly. Our services are intended to get local and small businesses online in the fastest way and give them a host of other services to choose from, which are designed to help them bring business and revenue through effectively planned out strategies. Local Forever, as a one stop shop for all digital needs, offers all necessary processes, such as domain name registration, hosting, SSL, and design, under one roof, saving clients time and energy from shopping around at multiple locations. We aim to use our manual efforts to drive automation for our clients who would streamline and make their business process and growth more efficient", says Jiten.

Marching Ahead with a Vision to Deliver the Best
The quality of work, understanding of local business processes, and the flexible approach adopted by the Local Forever team set the firm apart from all its competitors. In addition, since there aren’t many giving web services with all services combined under one yet keeping it cost-effective, Local Forever is setting a new benchmark with its offerings.

“Our core competency lies in local marketing to help local businesses reach more customers in their area or region. Our techniques currently are focused on Local Marketing Methods to drive brand awareness and business growth. We believe in quality delivered without load lifting done by the client. We believe we must guide and support small businesses with actionable, costeffective, and result oriented digital marketing strategies. We plan to drive automation in local business operations, and we are currently working on a platform which can ease the management process and give more accurate data to be able to refer to”, shares Jiten.

Keeping-up with its inception objective, Local Forever is serving more and more clients. At the same time, it is growing each month and catering to more local businesses, which has helped them use digital media in their favor. With the word of mouth publicity that the firm has bagged due to its quality performance and client satisfaction, Local Forever also has a high percentage of work coming from references.

In the coming years, Local Forever is looking forward to serving more local businesses around the world with local offices based in their region for easy access. In addition, the firm is set to launch all inclusive digital campaigns on a subscription basis, which would get businesses online and help in revue generation and driving operational automation.