Law Pundits: Ensuring the Sustained Success of their Clients through Custom-Designed Business Strategies

CIO Vendor Law Pundits is a pioneering business organization that was founded by Vishnu Prasad in 2011. What began as a one man law tuition service in 2008 from the basement of London School of Economics, eventually evolved into a legal academic services firm and expanded into other areas of the legal ecosystem. As of now, Law Pundits organizes online law certification programs and courses, legal conferences, summer law schools, legal training programs, law exhibitions, continuous legal education and professional development programs. Apart from all that, the company also owns several online publications and several successful law related events around the world. The quality of their services and the transparency of their operations have helped the company to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also to create a niche in the market. With the commitment to offer the best, Law Pundits Law Ad Network aspires to be a visionary in the digital marketing segment and helps law firms, legal tech companies as well as law schools to operate to their full potential through their digital marketing as well as training services.

Adding more about the inception story and business objectives of Law Pundits, Vishnu Prasad says “We were established with an aim to start a marketing and training company focused on the legal industry. Our mission is to be the premier digital marketing company in the law domain. Through
our services we are aiming to help our clients get more business and by doing that, we help them scale unprecedented heights. We had to face a lot of challenges especially during the early days of our inception. However, with that said, as of now, the challenges are becoming few and far between owing to the fact that people are now understanding the importance of digital marketing in the legal industry. We have clients from all over the world and we have some of the largest law firms in our clientele. At the same time, we also cater to small and medium law firms as well. So, this allows us to gain a holistic expertise of the industry by catering to this diverse bunch of clients. All this goes off to show our quality as well as our drive to ensure customer satisfaction”.

Going forward, we aspire to get more into VR and we see immense potential in using that technology in the legal industry

For ensuring consistent top tier services, Law Pundits has also created a team of experts that are working around the clock. To stand out from the rest of the competitors, Law Pundits have created worldwide network that helps them incatering the needs of clients from across the globe. When asked more about their offerings as well as their plans going forward, Vishnu Prasad shares, “We offer training services for business development and marketing. We also do brand, social media marketing, SEO optimization and event marketing to name a few. When it comes to our operations one of our biggest USP is that with us, the marketing operations are done by professionals who have experience and expertise in the legal industry. Going forward, we aspire to get more into VR and we see immense potential in using that technology in the legal industry. We make sure that we are updated with the latest trends in the industry so that we can always stay on top of our game. We also aim to make more lawyers aware of the positives of digital marketing.” With all this, Law Pundits is aiming to be a change-bringer in the industry and raise the standards of digital marketing in the legal industry to greater heights.