MERCHANT VENTURES: A Full Service Turnkey Project Consulting Company Assisting The SMES To Be More Efficient & Sustainable

CIO Vendor With the rising environmental abasements across the globe, the escalating need to reduce carbon footprint and protecting the environment has paved a novel path towards the adoption of green consultancy. Bestowing opportuni ties for companies to develop innovative ways of managing their business processes and incorporating technologies into manufacturing to create additional profits, the green consultancy has emerged as a new dimension. With various Government schemes subsidizing certain green technologies as a great incentive to ‘Go Green', the opportunities are humongous across this arena. Leveraging the opportunities offered by this niche segment to be more efficient and profitable, Merchant Ventures Private Limited (MVPL) is focused on assisting the SMEs because this segment often struggles to find qualified consultants. The brain child of Alyzaa Merchant aka Yogita Salvi, who has been operating a sole proprietorship chartered accounting firm since 1997, laid the foundation of MVPL in 2015 with a vision of setting up a multi disciplinary, management consulting firm to assist clients in the three critical aspects e.g. finance, accounting, and business processes including technology adoption.

Providing Value - Added Services
Overcoming numerous challenges to form a core group of like minded people who have passion, expertise and commitment, MVPL commenced its journey by ensuring consulting opportunities related to accounting and finance services for advising companies. Helping them identify improvements that would increase their bottom line, MVPL worked on an ‘incentive based' consulting approach before moving over to standalone consulting work for developing Green Solutions. Apart from engaging with the manufacturing sector which is looking for green solutions to improve efficiency and increase profits, MVPL also consults with the State and Central Governments in India and abroad to develop green solutions for building smart cities. MVPL is true to its mission of providing value added consulting advice in the areas of manufacturing and smart cities. Offering high level strategic advisory and continue the handholding through the entire life cycle of the project, the range of services offered by the firm includes, management consulting, accounting and finance, business processes, technology and smart city infrastructure.

"In case of the manufacturing sector, the first step is to conduct a detailed assessment of the business which starts with interviews with management, reviewing the company balance sheets, financial statements, followed by reviewing the plant operations. A brief assessment report is developed outlining the various measures and options available for green consulting. This is the first step in our strategic advisory. Following this, a detailed assessment with recommendations and timelines are provided with a proforma of possible benefits in efficiency and profits. In the case of smart
cities, we start by developing a vision and mission of the project, followed by a detailed road map that identifies the budgets, time line infrastructure technologies and other key elements essential for successful completion of the project. Upon acceptance of our strategic road map, we work with clients to help them identify and hire consultants for master planning, design, construction, and commissioning,"shares Alyzaa Merchant, founder, Merchant Ventures.

Merchant Ventures Private Limited (MVPL) is focused on assisting the SMEs because this segment often struggles to find qualified consultants

Demonstrating A Phenomenal Growth
With a work culture that is collaborative and honest with a mindset that ‘client is supreme’, all of the efforts of MVPL are focused on making the client and project successful. Equipped with prolific senior partners, each with specialized expertise in their respective fields the evolution of Merchant Ventures has been very thoughtful and deliberate. Engaged with a selective client base, MVPL advises the clients pan India and abroad,to increase efficiency, expand across geographies, diversify and enter new markets with strategic advisory helping them with the blueprints and architecture of the business model. “Our team is well known and regarded in their respective fields and routinely give talks and seminars for the benefit of our clients. Through our active participation in industry, we are able to keep abreast of the latest technologies and through our internal collaborative workings we keep each other informed,” avers Alyzaa Merchant.

Growing exponentially, MVPL has emerged as a boutique, specialized consulting firm which helps clients in the manufacturing and smart city sectors to build a better, smarter world at the same time improving efficiency and margins for the company. With a strong belief that the MSME sector in India will see phenomenal growth if equipped with the best global industry practices in Finance, Compliance, Process, Technology and Green Solutions, the firm is strategically involved to craft pragmatic solutions. “The future of MVPL is very bright because of the business we are in i.e., improving the environment while maximizing efficiencies and profits for businesses. These two aspects will not go out of style, MVPL is a keystone to make this happen. Since we all operate in a global economy, we must constantly improve and add efficiency in our business to stay alive and be competitive,” concludes Alyzaa Merchant.