Kalpavruksham Green Consultants: Providing Expert Services for the Construction Industry to Increase the Green Footprint

CIO Vendor It is predicted that the Indian construction industry shall register a growth of 13% in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions influenced the industry's output last year. Never theless, government investment in infra structure development aided the industry's recovery. There are various types of infrastructure consultancy firms that follow regular norms, but there are few firms that provide stand out services which include quality and uniqueness. Kalpavruksham Green consultants is such an innovative firm that include eco-friendly technologies to redefine infrastructure.

Kalpavruksham was founded by Sunith Reddy who has completed his MSc "Energy & Sustainable Building Design" in UK. He started his professional journey through a construction firm in which he was part of a tourism project of Telangana and later he established Kalpavruksham after some research on the future of the infrastructure and discovered the factors that are affecting our climate due to the construction of these buildings. He believes in designing energy efficient, eco friendly homes and ways of reducing the carbon footprint in the existing homes.

Kalpavruksham specializes in Green Building's design & Architecture, Green Building Certifications, ECBC, Environmental Clearance Certification, MEP, Infra structure consultancy and building contract works. Kalpavruksham has a profound desire to support the development of the infrastructure with the least impact on the natural environment and to design passive buildings that are highly energy efficient than a conventional building.

"Our motto is to improve the quality of life of occupants through Passive
design or transforming the given building into an ecoclimatically driven building, which further reduces mechanical resources for ventilation and lighting needs. We try to incorporate centuries old building philosophies for that local climate adopted by our ancestors is shares Sunith Reddy .

Kalpavruksham is into various types of services such as Passive design, Passive HVAC design, green building certification, renewable energy design, and many others. It focuses on offering quality, budget friendly services as per the client's request and holds a record of high ratings in terms of infra structure services. Kalpavruksham is well versed in terms of the latest technologies that can be implemented in the existing or new buildings that can decrease the energy and resources consumption during construction and post-occupancy stage. It aims to provide expert services for the construction industry to increase the green footprint.

Passive HVAC design is a top end service that involves evaporative cooling, earth air tunnel and various other services. Green building certification services include IGBC, GRIHA, Well, Edge, LBC and much more.

“We are currently developing S.S builder'sprojects, Subha Elan and more,with total BUA ­ 10, 00,000 sq ft located in Bengaluru. We are passionate about the green building sector or, anything that we can put our hands on to reduce climate change” says Sunith Reddy

Some of the prominent projects which are developed by Kalpavruksham are Balaji Thirumala Homes, Subha 9 Sky Vue, Subha Elan, Tranquillo Projects. Apart from this, Kalpavruksham offers Green interior design services and they have services in Energy conservation building code(ECBC)compliances which they have completed over 200 projects in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. A few of the notable ECBC compliances projects completed by Kalpavruksham are, Prestige constructions Pvt. Ltd, Reliance Smart, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (university) Project and much more.

Further, Sunith Reddy, Founder disclosed the plans of the firm that is Kalpavruksham are currently working on bringing a new ecofriendly mud-brick that has better thermal mass and structural bearing capabilities and they are developing a website called construction expert.in

Which will assist the customer in selecting the construction related service providers as per their budget or requirements. For more details visit the website constructionexpert.in or kalpavruksham.in