Shama Consulting Plus: One of the Leading Market Research Companies in India Providing Market Entering Services

CIO Vendor In India, the manufacturing industry has been growing, and sector specific government initiatives such as Make in India are focused on making India a worldwide manufacturing hub. As a result, a growing number of multinational corporations are turning to Indian business consultants to help them build up manufacturing operations in the country. Besides, manufacturing consultancy is currently in high demand since the industry is expanding at a rapid pace, despite some severe limits. Shama Consulting Plus is one of India's major market research firms, specializing in market entry services.

Shama Consulting Plus was established in June of 2019 as Pankaj Saluja's goal to create his own consulting firm after working in the consulting and manufacturing industries for 15 years before Shama Consulting Plus. Pankaj Saluja, Founder, Shama Consulting Plus says, "I intended to put my domain expertise and experience to work for other industries, resulting in cost reductions, increased production, efficiency, and overall improvements. Though we are a small company but are highly professional, and we participate in various CSR activities for the good of society and people."

Initial Days of Establishment
Shama Consulting Plus has completed two years in the market, with the team's initial challenges including proper digital marketing, persuading clients about the Indian market, and informing clients about the resources available in India, such as cheap labour, plenty of raw materials, good hospitality, and other factors.

Shama Consulting Plus, with its hands-on industry knowledge, can persuade clients in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Also, have
employed several market research reports to influence clients based on genuine facts and data, and the clientele from Europe and the United States are really satisfied with the company today.

Services Offered by Shama Consulting Plus
Shama Consulting Plus work in four verticals Low/Best cost country sourcing, Extended sales/ marketing arm in India, Research on different market, commodities and providing reports and Lean manufacturing implementation at India supplier's end.The systematic and disciplined approach to completing all projects within timetables is one of the verticals'unique qualities.

Shama Consulting Plus has employed several market research reports to influence clients based on genuine facts and data

Shama Consulting Plus also has a team of young people who are enthusiastic about what they do. Furthermore, Pankaj adds, "Clients are always searching for solutions that add value to their business and provide a return on investment, and we as a company used the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) approach to understand their goals and requirements, which we were able to successfully implement."

Shama Consulting Plus has always evolved as a responsible organization that understands its clients' needs and requirements, with factors such as a desire to learn new things, a disciplined and systematic approach, and the ability to give value to the work all contributing. Shama Consulting Plus is made up of four people, one of whom has 17 years of experience as a founder and another who has 2-3 years of purchasing and consulting expertise.

Shama Consulting Plus is a company that is very active on social media and is always coming up with new ideas, as well as being passionate about learning new technology. The team explores the same by attending virtual trade exhibitions, reading research papers, and reading market intelligence reports. "As a result of the high volume of clients, we anticipate expanding our workforce. Apart from automotive and consumer durables, which we are now doing, we also want to expand in other areas such as oil and gas, medicines, and mining", concludes Pankaj.