The Lyceum: Aspiring to Develop Human Capital and Improve Employ ability Skills for a Better Tomorrow

CIO Vendor The massive management consulting industry continues to grow, but not without struggles. It has yet to integrate automate processes, making it scalable only so long as qualified individuals continue to move into the industry. One such renowned firm is The Lyceum Consulting & Training which was established by Dr. S. Narasimhan in 2016. Known for coaching, mentoring, consulting and hand holding the organizations into the future, The Lyceum consists of a small team that works closely with all the clients in implementing world class manufacturing concepts like Total Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. The Lyceum helps to create a competitive organization by transforming its people and people take care of the organization.

Theideology of Lyceuminsists on ‘Doing Things' rather than ‘Talking Things'which was inspired by the great philosopher Aristotle who said long ago that, Excellence is not an act but a way of life. Today, the most difficult thing is to keep doing things professionally and passionately putting your heart into your work. Lyceum witnessed that the most important aspect in a manufacturing setup is to do things right the first time to maintain their performance at the highest level and sustain the business for the future.

The Lyceum thanks the Government for taking initiatives to ensure that India is a global manufacturing hub and providing manufacturing consultancies a good head start. The firm strongly believes that India should become a manufacturing economy before moving into service economy."The firm has run through all difficult terrain, it was a very challenging journey to some extent especially to get noticed, addressed and to provide a performance field ready with all the services. These services are offered to help the organization to achieve its goals, resurrecting them from a deep
troubled tunnel making them rise to the performance express highway called World Class Manufacturing", shares Dr.S. Narasimhan, Founder, The Lyceum.

When simple things are repeatedly done, they become die hard habits. The Lyceum uses all its available strategies to ensure that the clients are on a growth trajectory by focusing more on their internal resources called Human Resource to Educate, Train, Coach, Mentor and Consult. The Lyceum is combining its expertise and an uncanny acumen into the issues and providing solutions and hand holding them throughout the journey. In fact that is the USP of The Lyceum. Sometimes clients bring up only apparent issues but when the discussion starts going deeper into the issues then unexpectedly different issues emerge. The Lyceum strongly believes that different problems need a different solution hence, The Lyceum is determined to provide a unique solution.

The Lyceum is combining its expertise and an uncanny acumen into the issues and providing solutions and hand holding them throughout the journey

“The transformation addressed is not only for the clients but a self-introspective also like the values set at the initial days are the foundations and those values have helped both organization and the clients. It is a deeprooted commitment and a sense of ownership taken by us in solving problems and reframing the challenges that make an amenable trait with our clients", adds Dr. S.Narasimhan.

A Continuous Learning organization is the cornerstone of any knowledge based industry and Consulting firms like The Lyceum take this seriously and update constantly to grow. The clients of The Lyceum have huge infrastructure and high manual intervention processes like Aluminum and steel foundries. The core manufacturings where Machining, Assembly and Inspection testing are prevailing are the core clients of Lyceum. For future, Dr. S. Narasimhan plans to integrate the entire organization's business processes into the firm's fold, importantly the HR processes driven by an Engineer. The dream is to work towards the transformation of HR through its innovative approach from the regular currently practiced system.