EFESO: Delivering Tangible Short-And Long-Term Results Through A Multi-Specialist Approach

CIO Vendor Enabling the country to move a step closer towards becoming a global powerhouse, the 'Make in India' initiative has fermented the engineering of innovative and technically advanced machines on the Indian soil. To catapult the evolution of India as a superpower and promote the development of managerial as well as leadership qualities amongst the people across the organizations to get the desired results, the lacunae of adopting a people centric business needs to be addressed. With a notion of taking the Indian manufacturing businesses to a world class level and assist a lot of Indian businesses to operate in their optimal manner, an Indian consultancy firm came into existence in 2002, which later merged with the global brand EFESO Consulting in 2012. Dynamic in the global consulting industry for over 40 years,EFESO Consulting has been delivering tangible short and long term results through a multi specialist approach, deep & instrumented, provided by more than 500 consultants around the world. The India office, headquartered in Gurugram (Delhi/NCR), is one of the 35 EFESO offices located across the globe where the team prefers to be called'mentors' for their training, coaching and handholding approach towards their clients in eliminating losses and make sustainable gains throughout the value chain.

A Pioneering Indian Consultancy Firm
Supporting the Indian organizations to be world-class, EFESO India is seamlessly engaged in integrating Process, Human dynamics and Digital to augment concrete progression, whilst ensuring anchoring, adoption, and sustainability of achievements from the very beginning. Using this P-H-D approach the premium consultancy firm is enabling its clients to reach higher levels of End-2-End value chain optimization, with specific in depth expertise in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Leadership Behaviours.

"When we started in 2002, most of the Indian organizations were unaware about the value addition we could bring to them as a contemporary consultancy firm and we had to go through a lot of convincing before getting some of our first clients during the initial phase. Also, big manufacturing companies who were open to take consultancy services mostly focused on Japanese or Western consultants. We were one of the early pioneering Indian consultants in this segment. Through our services, we have been able to build a positive and regal reputation in the industry," avers Rajinder Singh, Managing Director & Chief Mentor, EFESO India.

Seconding Rajinder in this aspect, Anshul Bajaj, Senior Mentor, EFESO India, quotes, "Not only that organizations were skeptical about operational excellence consultants, there was a negative perspective carved towards the word consultants because many believe that consultants are those who come to audit and review, just to show some big numbers on the board, without giving any deep support in execution on the floor. But taking the initiative of extending a helping hand more like coaches and mentors has helped us to be successful in this space".

Refining the operations of Client Organizations
Providing all types of operational excellence services across the value chain including services like WCOMTM, Shingo, TWI, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Progression Excellence, World Class Supply Chain, Change Management, Human Dynamics, and Leadership Behaviors, EFESO
India engages in end-to-end interaction with the organizations to streamline their business operations by eliminating wastes and losses across the processes.

"Coherently focused on their factory floor, we work with the team of our client organizations to create efficient processes so that they can improve their operations by avoiding unwanted losses. We also help them to forge an entire culture of excellence by inculcating proper behaviors and habits, so that, when we leave the organization, they are self sustained. Owing to the quality of our services, we are not only able to offer short term and long term success to our clients but by comprehending the organizational objectives of our clients, we help them to achieve their goal in the most efficient manner" shares Rajinder Singh.

Maintaining a very transparent communication chain as a part of their decision-making process, EFESO india accepts open culture as the hallmark of the organization and one of the imperative factors for their success

Driven by the strongly built methodologies on the guiding principles that have helped clients achieve ideal results in the journey of progression excellence, EFESO India's client portfolio covers some of the biggest names across industries such as Saint Gobain, Heineken, Olam International, Lupin Pharmaceutical, Huhtamaki, Whirlpool, Visteon and more prolific brands ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Packaging, Electronics, Automotive, FMCG, Chemicals, Glass, Oil & Gas and others. Striding in a very stressful industry with very demanding clients,EFESO India has been consistently delivering ideal results that are both excellent and sustainable. Maintaining a very transparent communication chain as a part of their decision making process, EFESO India accepts open culture as the hallmark of the organization and one of the imperative factors for their success.

"I see a big demand across the healthcare, hospitality and finance sector to welcome operational excellence consultants. We will navigate our attention towards those domains as well. Although the covid-19 has created a new normal, we have been able to transform our operations through digital mediums and we are consistently adapting to the changing trends to move forward and gear ourselves up for Industry 4.0. Envisioning to help our clients to implement technology in the best way possible and become more efficient, we are also creating leaders and professionals with the potential to be successful in the digital age," concludes Anshul Bajaj.

Rajinder Singh, Managing Director & Chief Mentor, EFESO Consulting Private Limited
EFESO is seamlessly engaged in integrating Process, Human dynamics and Digital to augment progression of the Indian and International organizations.