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Swayam Consultants: Maximizing Client's Business Potential By Providing Executive Search And Selection Services

CIO Vendor As the number of establishments/organizations grows, the demand for Labour Law Consultancy Services grows as well. As we can see, the number of startups in India is on the rise. Today's young want to discover their full potential and are willing to fail at first in business. Simultaneously, they are always willing to accept new technology and strive for success. As a Labour Law Consultant, Swayam Consultants has been creating awareness on how to comply with the government's rules and regulations, which are intended to benefit both employees and employers.

Clients want you to work with them as a partner rather than just as a consultant that approach appeals to us as well, as it fosters a positive relationship between us and our client

Swayam Consultants was founded in 2007 to instill in India Inc. a compliance driven mentality. Through the skills and experience of Mahendra More M.D of Swayam Consultants, the idea was to share their knowledge and experience with Indian organizations to make firms/labour contractors aware of proactive statutory compliance. Mahendra More, who has a complete grasp, practice, and expertise in labour regulations,HR, and IR compliance saw an opportunity to share his knowledge within Indian enterprises, resulting in a compliance-friendly environment within India Inc.

Swayam Consultants believes that the client knows and experiences this when working with the organization, and provides a personalized solution for every difficulty faced by the employer with active participation and ownership towards the work they accomplish. Mahendra More, Managing Director, Swayam Consultants says, "Clients want you to work with them as
a partner rather than just as a consultant that approach appeals to us as well, as it fosters a positive relationship between us and our client. Because we provide such a diverse range of services, many clients have special needs. We make certain that we give a service that is 100percent dedicated, truthful, honest and confidential, with no room for error, before we begin working with a client, we ask specific questions to help them understand the requirements and provide solutions that assure perfect compliance."

Swayam consultants follows the idea of sharing their knowledge and experience with indian organizations to make firms /labour contractors aware of proactive statutory compliance

Swayam Consultants' Services
Recruitment services from start to finish, contract staffing, payroll management, statutory compliance, factory compliance, mines compliance, liaisoning, licensing, and legal advice are the major services offered by Swayam Consultants. Working as a partner with their clients allows Swayam Consultants to maintain long-term relationships. Their service, which adheres to deadlines and provides effective and result-oriented counselling, is remarkable in terms of data security, and the hard copy data the company save differs from that of other service providers in the industry. These services can be provided, but not in the sense that Swayam Consultants does; the company has clientele who have been with them since the company's beginning.

Swayam Consultants has a roster of clients who they have serviced for over a decade, and every year their business grows by 30 percent thanks to referrals from previous clients. Client separation is less than 1 percent, and the organization has clients from various industries who have worked with them and are satisfied with their services. Raymond, Halliburton, and DHFL are just a handful of the companies that have worked with Swayam Consultants for over a decade.

Swayam Consultants constantly upgrade their software according to the need of the hour and train their employees on the new updated software to help them learn the new things and processes. “We serve clients from a variety of industries, and we strive to expand our customer base so that we can serve the most people from each one. We currently have a presence in eight locations across India, which we hope to expand shortly, having said that, we serve our clients throughout India, since we have partnerships in every tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 city. We intend to expand in every way possible to grow, including investing in technology, infrastructure, and people. We have wings and feel we can soar to new heights", concludes Mahendra More.